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Michael Morocco Jr.
01-09-2008, 9:06 PM
I have recently developed a new frame for the signage industry. It's made from 1.5"x1.5" vinyl tubing I use for vinyl handrailing. We have a company bend and weld the tube to make an arched top shape. The frame is resistant to weather and sun, extreme temperatures. I have a stainless steel brackets that makes mounting aluminum panels for printing inside the frame very easy. I'm looking for you impressions, opinions.
The frame is 24 w x 36 h. the posts are 4x4 x60"tall.

James Stokes
01-10-2008, 7:52 AM
looks good but it is nothing new. There are distributers that sell the same thing.

Michael Morocco Jr.
01-10-2008, 9:16 AM
I have not found a distributer that sells acurved top sign frame made out of PVC. I would love if you could tell me who it is just to do some more research. Are you sure its not constructed out of wood or metal?

Thanks for you help. I appreciate all the feedback I can get.:)

James Stokes
01-10-2008, 9:49 AM
I will find the web site for you, I am on a differant computer right now, But I will unless someone else chimes in first.

Scott Shepherd
01-11-2008, 10:14 AM
I went to the Sign World convention a couple of months ago and there were probably 1/2 a dozen people selling kits like that. Some were metal, but I'm positive a couple of vendors used PVC. I had just about all of them swipe my card, but to this day I haven't seen any catalogs from them, so I don't know who they were. I do know I did see several companies doing all PVC signs. Didn't look exactly like that, but quite close.

It's a nice looking sign you have. Any idea on the kit cost?

Michael Morocco Jr.
01-14-2008, 1:16 PM
How much would you pay for a kit like this? I will list the components included.

(1) curved top routed 2mm 24x36" dibond panel
(2) 4x4x60" tan posts - PVC
(2) 4x4 tan ball caps - PVC
(1) curved top vinyl frame 24"x36" - PVC
(4) ss mounting brackets
(4) 2.25 ss screws
(4) aluminum posts (To mount sign panel to bracket)

We have introduced this frame in a couple of markets but initially did not include the pre-routed curved top panel included. Our goal is to have a "Sign in a box" tye approach. Meaning the dealers would simply print on the panels and hand it to an installer to erect. They are designed to slid over a 4x4 wood post concreted in to the ground.

I want this sign to be a pleasure to sell, customize, and install. I would like all the opinions you can give me.. Thanks!