View Full Version : The tubes are gone! I'll miss them! (sniff!)

Jerry Stringer
02-27-2004, 1:51 AM
OK sports fans . . .

We are officially out of pen shipping tubes! They have all been spoken for and the last box I have an address for will go out tomorrow. I ended up handling 8600 pen tubes and 17,200 end caps - I am now officially cross-eyed! With this many tubes, I'm anxious to see photos of all the pens!

I do have one box left and I've emailed Alan Shaw to send me his shipping address. I'll give Alan a few days and if I don't hear back I've got to move on. If you know Alan you might want to contact him and have him give me an address.

If you have already emailed me for tubes and requested them, you have tubes coming. Everyone that wanted some got some.

From here on out, if you email me wanting tubes, I'll put you on a list to see if there is enough interest to warrant another order (my wife says she's out!!! She's tired of counting tubes! Next time I'll get some of the high school kids to help.).

Another factor as to if I do this again is if I get reimbursed. So far I see no problems. Everyone has been super and it is GREATLY appreciated.



Bill Chapman
02-27-2004, 9:09 PM
I got my 700 tubes and 1400 caps today. I have to go to work now and fill them. thanks for all the hard work.

I got the check in the mail (yes the USPS) thursday in priorty mail. You should get it Saturday If not let me know.:)

Jerry Stringer
02-28-2004, 1:28 AM
Alan Shaw did contact me with his address and his pens will be shipped out. Thanks for any help locating him.