View Full Version : New Years Eve FreeStuff Winner - Pens sets from Universal Laser Systems

Keith Outten
12-31-2007, 6:35 PM
Universal Laser Systems (http://www.ulsinc.com/english/index.html) has sponsored this New Years Eve FreeStuff Drawing.

The winner will receive ten sets that include Rosewood Pens, key rings and matching pen cases.

SawMill Creek Contributors must opt-in by posting in this thread in order to be eligible to win. The winners name will be drawn just after midnight tonight.

Good Luck to Everyone and Happy New Year!!!

Toll Free: 800-859-7033
International: 480-483-1214

And the winner is:

Robert Alexander.

Please send Jackie Outten a private message with your shipping information.


Scott Perry
12-31-2007, 6:37 PM
Nice, count me in.

Ed Maloney
12-31-2007, 6:44 PM
Excellent! Please include me!

pete hagan
12-31-2007, 6:45 PM
Count me in and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Pete Hagan

Dave West
12-31-2007, 7:08 PM
Count me in!

Dave West

Scott Shepherd
12-31-2007, 7:08 PM
Me too!

Thanks Keith, Happy New Year!

Ken Toupin
12-31-2007, 7:09 PM
count me in, Thanks

Walt Nicholson
12-31-2007, 7:10 PM
Please count me in!

Bill Stein
12-31-2007, 7:34 PM
I would like to be included also.


Jim Huston
12-31-2007, 7:38 PM
Please put my name in also. I have never won any thing so I won't hurt anyone else's chances!!

Ted Calver
12-31-2007, 7:39 PM
Please count me in too!

Bruce Page
12-31-2007, 7:43 PM
Count me in.

Happy New Year!

opps, don't count me in, I misread the prize!

Oh well, I never win anything anyway...

Neal Schlee
12-31-2007, 7:44 PM
Count me in too!

Jim Dornon
12-31-2007, 7:54 PM
Count me in to please. Happy new year.

Bruce Shiverdecker
12-31-2007, 7:55 PM
That is a NICE prize! I'll go for it!


Mark Rios
12-31-2007, 8:17 PM
Very nice. I"m in please.

Robert Alexander
12-31-2007, 8:24 PM
Count me in.:):)
Thanks Keith.

Steven Smith
12-31-2007, 8:37 PM
sounds fun! Let me in... thanks!

Nancy Laird
12-31-2007, 8:37 PM
I'm in too. Thanks ULS and Mike


Glen Peters
12-31-2007, 8:53 PM
Count me in and Happy New Year.

Todd Schwartz
12-31-2007, 8:55 PM
Count me in please - thanks,


Dave Laird in NM
12-31-2007, 9:06 PM
Happy New Year to all.

Tony Williams
12-31-2007, 9:41 PM
count me in to,,, thanks

James Jaragosky
12-31-2007, 9:45 PM
thanks. and count me in please.:D

Art Mulder
12-31-2007, 9:56 PM
I'll toss my hat in the ring also. Canucks allowed? ;)

Tony Williams
12-31-2007, 9:59 PM
great gift count us in

M Toupin
12-31-2007, 10:19 PM
add me too plz


jack Halley
12-31-2007, 10:49 PM
Thanks for the chance!
Happy New Year!

Kim Haubert
12-31-2007, 11:01 PM

Soon to be owner of a ULS

Harlan Kilbourn
12-31-2007, 11:14 PM
cool, count me in

Marva Kilbourn
12-31-2007, 11:18 PM
Count me in - and Happy New Year!

Shari Loveless
12-31-2007, 11:18 PM
Count us in. Nice of ULS to donate them. And a $$$$$ New Year to ALL.
Reese & Shari

Kerry Smith II
01-01-2008, 12:06 AM
count me in

Dennis Solomon
01-01-2008, 12:23 AM
Thanks for the chance!

Robert Hoeft
01-01-2008, 12:24 AM
Count me in also.

Keith Outten
01-01-2008, 8:44 AM
Thanks to all of you for opting in for this FreeStuff Drawing. Universal Laser Systems sent us 850 items that include pens, key chains and pen cases so you will be seeing many more of these kinds of FreeStuff Drawings this year as we continue to spread the wealth from such a generous donation.

Last night we gave away 20 items so we have 830 to go.

Happy New Year to all and congratulations to the winners.