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leon buber
12-08-2007, 3:55 PM
hi all

does anybody have expirience with flatbed printers?

Joe Pelonio
12-08-2007, 7:16 PM

I moved this to signs where it's more appropriate.

I sub out my screenprinting, and my printer just got one recently. I have not found a need for those service yet. His is 5'x10' so he can do a full 4x8 bleed
but his wholesale price is a lot more than what I can do it for in vinyl, so it would only be practical for a full color job. I do know that it can print on a lot of different materials from wood to cloth, and as I recall up to 6" thick.

Doug Bergstrom
12-11-2007, 8:24 AM
We have been looking into purchasing one for last couple years. I plan on looking again at the ISA show in March. The problem has been the cost of the machine! We currently run solvent printers and laminate and mount everything in house. When I run the numbers the flatbeds cost us more to produce the same items. We are a medium size shop and our printers run about 6 hours a day. I think you need a lot more volume to justify the cost saving of mounting. A competitor just put in a large printer and Zund cutter and has been advertising like crazy to get business. I think I will wait until the prices come down.