View Full Version : Brands of Vinyl

Joe Pelonio
12-06-2007, 4:25 PM
What are the rest of you vinyl signmakers using?

I normally use Arlon, sometimes 3M/Gerber vinyl, and most of what I do is
with the 7 year 2 mil premium. I recently discovered though, that the 5 year calendered by Universal (Unical) is really glossy and I have never seen anything weed as well as this stuff. Except for maybe vehicles, it should hold up well outdoors and costs much less than premium but looks as good. I do stick to what I can get delivered free, it's pretty heavy to ship.

Doug Bergstrom
12-07-2007, 8:55 AM
We use oracal for most of our cut vinyl work. Weeds well and holds up. We do use a lot of 3M vinyl for specialty work. For printed vinyls and wraps we use Mactac.

Scott Shepherd
12-07-2007, 9:14 AM
Mostly Oracal 751 here. If it's a special color, then I match whoever's product can come close to the color which leads me to just about everyone else, but mostly the core stuff is Oracal 751. I get most of it from Fellers who have free shipping over $50, so I never have to pay shipping no matter what it weighs and it's almost always here the following day.