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Doug Bergstrom
11-28-2007, 4:37 PM
I have several resorts that want us to etch glassware that they supply with their logo. Anyone currently doing this and if so what kind of pricing per glass for a simple logo etched on a wine glass or flute.



Stephen Beckham
11-28-2007, 10:47 PM

I charge $5 to put a glass/mug on my rotator device - no matter what the ecthing is. If I provide the glass, I sell it for $10 ($2.00 glass).

When I've done more than 10, I've given a 20% discount ($4).

The largest I've done was 200 - I dropped it to $2 each - but I did it by selling 100 at the $4 rate - if they wanted an additional 100, I'd do them no additional charge. They gave me the "we want a 100 or so done - what would the price be for 250 or more?" Wanting me to say $2 each for 250 and then requesting only 100 but at the same $2 rate. Honestly, I'd probably done it at $2 for the 100, but these guys have pulled this routine on me before.

Keep in mind - 'bulbs' - 'bumps' - 'knicks' in the edge will cause a rotator to jump or skip enough to sometimes cause a glitch in the artwork. If the edge of the glass rests against the stop it may also cause undesired results on large runs because the variance of the glass sizes.

Also too much water (slippage on the rubber gasket) or a slightly oval shaped glass may cause a glitch. You need to explain to the customer that some may have flaws on them due to the glasses. Come to terms up front on how you are going to handle that. Somethings beyond your control may cause you a shock when it happens - worse - it may cause the customer a shock.

Mike Null
11-29-2007, 6:27 AM
Of course Steve is talking about wholesale prices. Aren't you Steve.

Stephen Beckham
11-29-2007, 8:09 AM
Now Mike - you know I don't charge enough anyway.... :eek:

Those are my prices in my small town. I've kept the rotary device prices quiet low because it brings in business. It takes less than 2-3 minutes per glass once they are set up in the laser memory - it took less than 35 seconds per shot glass once they were setup (did them for a $1 each).

That's load time, etch time, and unload time when I'm in the zone.

When I have to change the name on every glass, I keep it at the $5 rate because of the extra work at the CPU and laser.

I also charge $5 per wine bottle - less than 3 minutes etching.

I guess I need to state the obvious that would make up the difference in what I should be charging to bring it up to a retail rate. I don't charge setup charges, graphic charges, lines or letter charges. Ergo - no charge for my labor.

Mike's question is valid - if you want to pay yourself, you need to add those charges back in.

Thanks Mike... :p