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Monte Milanuk
11-20-2007, 1:48 AM

I'm wanting to pickup a new saw next year sometime. Exactly when will depend on a number of thing, namely time and money ;)

What I have now is a Ryobi BT3100. Pros: lightweight/easy to move, excellent dust collection via blade shroud, riving knife, sliding miter table. Cons: lightweight/too easy to move, PITA to fit aftermarket jigs/featherboards/guards to.

My house and basement shop share a 400a service, and I already have 220v outlets in a couple spots in the shop. Not using anything on 220v yet, but it's there if I want it. Electrical power is *not* a problem ;)

So... in my mind what I put on the top of my priority list are: a) riving knife, b) easily removable (and replaceable) blade guard, c) reliable, accurate and solid fence system, d) dust collection, and e) mobility. I don't saw a lot of 2-3" thick hardwood (yet) so motor power isn't a huge issue (though I wouldn't turn up my nose at it), and I use a EZ-Guide to handle breaking down wide pieces of sheet goods so I don't think a 7' rip fence is anything I want. The saw would have to be able to be wheeled out of the way in between projects (my shop gets used for other hobbies besides just woodworking).

Given those parameters, in roughly that order of priority... what is out there that fits the bill? I'd like to squeeze in under $2000 ready to cut wood if possible. Not a hard-n-fast limit, but its what I'd like to stay under. Then again, there's always the SS... :D



Lance Norris
11-20-2007, 1:57 AM
Well... since you said riving knife, I know of 3 cabinet saws that have riving knifes. The Powermatic PM2000 and the new Jet 10" Deluxe Xacta Saw. Grizzly has a 12" cabinet saw with a riving knife, G0605x. As far as mobility, the PM has built in casters. The Jet and Grizzly Im sure can be put on a mobil base. The availability of the Jet I wonder about, because its so new. The PM and Griz are available. The PM and Grizzly are around $2K, no idea of price on the Jet.

Yuchol Kim
11-20-2007, 3:33 AM
Monte, I live near Everett. I have a PM 2000 that might be coming up for sale here in about 2 or 3 weeks. Long story short, but the changes in my finances will allow me to get a SS. And it would be under your price range. Keep me in mind.

Monte Milanuk
11-20-2007, 10:54 AM

I'm guessing thats going to be a little sooner than I had in mind! Thanks, though.


Doesn't Jet's new hybrid have on also?

Kind of frustrating to try shopping for a safety feature from a $300 saw and not finding very many (out of the sea of table-saw models) others that have it. Somewhere I'd read/heard that by 2010 all new saws sold stateside are to have riving knives? Maybe if I hold off a bit the field will open up a bit? Nothing wrong w/ Powermatic or Jet, certainly, or the 10" Grizzly w/ the riving knife (G0651?) (other than the fixed tables), just looking for as many options as possible.



Scot Ferraro
11-20-2007, 11:27 AM
I know that this is not a "cabinet" or Hybrid saw, but the Bosch Contractors saw has a riving knife now and the new 10 inch grizzly does as well. Since this will be a mandated requirement and since you do not need the saw as of yet, then I would hold off and see what else comes out.

Good luck,


Thom Sturgill
11-20-2007, 12:22 PM
I just upgraded from the Ryobi to the new Jet Hybrid. The guard has a splitter right behind the blade, but it is immobile so it does not raise/lower with the blade. Dust collection needs improvement. There is a pan in the cabinet portion that has to be removed to access the front trunnion bolts. it does not seal to the cabinet and dust finds its way out at the legs. Also the dust piles up on the pan even with the DC running (a must!). I have taken to pulling the throat plate and using an air hose to blow out the excess dust while the DC is running on a daily basis.

All that said, for $800 delivered, I don't think you can beat it.:D

Dave Laird in NM
11-20-2007, 12:49 PM
I just talked to Steel City Tool Works and they plan on having a riving knife saw in the first quarter of 2008.:D The first ones will be with the granite tops and will be advertised for between $1150 - $1375 depending on options.:eek:

They will also have a cast iron top later on in the year.

Sounds interesting to me, I may have to look at buying a new saw, maybe?

Greg Peterson
11-20-2007, 3:57 PM

Effective in 2008, any new TS design must include a riving knife. Existing designs have until 2014 to incorporate a riving knife.

I'll be buying a new TS next year and probably going to go with the Steel City. Granite top, riving knife and the price seems pretty fair.

I won't even consider a saw without a riving knife. Perhaps a bit silly, but when it comes to setting the bar on dumb, I'm without equal.