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David Harvey
11-18-2007, 9:31 PM
Hi All,
Here's some tables I came up with this summer... I'm a little bored right now and thought I would post them.

I used Cut3D and VCarve and the Laser to make these. The CNC'ng was done on my shopBot and I did the design work in Corel and exported the parts as eps fpr VCarve. The clear acrylic inlays ( HIIMPACT stuff) I did on the laser and they have an engraved design around their edges to help with blending in with the table top.

Peg (wife...da boss:D) did all of the stain work. If you notice, on the 3D reliefs, she took the time to stain them in a different shade from what the table was to be done in. It created a nice effect and helped to empasize the 3D.

The pic's are a little rough...sorry

All three tables are made from Oak and assembly is with glue...no screws or fastners.

John Keeton
11-19-2007, 8:08 AM

Those are some really nice tables!! Did you use the shopbot to do the molded edge of the top, or shaper/router? Also, that technique would make a really impressive coffee table with a much larger acrylic inset. I suppose one would need to support the acrylic at various points in the carving, but I think the effect would be great. Good work and some great ideas! Also, some very nice toys that you all own.

David Harvey
11-19-2007, 7:30 PM
Thanks for the comments!

Yes, I did all of the routing on the shopbot. The table top was done in 2 setups, the bottom first, then flipped in the 'Y' and the top then run.

A larger table would be nice and I agree with you in that the acrylic would need to be supported a points across the span, but depending on what design was used for the 3D relief under it, I'm sure some very clever arrangements could be made that would look really good.

One day when I can get some time, I will get into making some more of these in various designs.

John Keeton
11-21-2007, 7:53 AM
I was trying to recall where I had originally seen the coffee table idea, and finally remembered. You may be familiar with this company, and I think most of the work on the table is cast resin, but the concept is what interests me. If it a relief image could be done in wood, and some dies used to highlight certain parts of the image while still showing the grain and not overpowering the overall image, I think it could be a really great look. http://www.bigskycarvers.com/categoryproducts.aspx?toplvl=228&catid=228&subcat=228&subcat1=230&catprods=230