View Full Version : Too Easy

George Elston
11-17-2007, 6:01 PM
To whoever found the VectorMagic site, a big thank you. I love cutting wood and doing inlays, and I can't believe the hours I have spent digitizing a design. But with the Stanford site, BadaBing BadaBoom, well almost. For your cutting pleasure, this is from a public domain piece from a scroll saw site www.finescrollsaw.com (http://www.finescrollsaw.com) that has many more PD designs. Instead of spending the afternoon doing this piece it was more like 45 minutes.
If that's not worth the 6 bucks membership I don't know what is. Actually I think it might be worth more. Have fun.

BTW the base piece should be cut from 1/4" and the top and bottom from 1/8"

Have fun