View Full Version : Rotary Attachment problems

Todd Fulton
11-16-2007, 6:07 PM
I was trying to engrave some glass tree ornaments. After 1 finished, a statement popped up on the laser's screen.

"Y motor malfunction
For service please
inform your local

After re-starting the laser, it would be fine. After finishing a project, same message.

I then tried a wine glass with 4 small graphics. It engraved 2 double sized graphics and popped up the error message again.

Any thoughts on this?


Darren Null
11-17-2007, 8:37 AM
I get an 'x motor' malfunction when I smack the head against the end of the rotary (doesn't happen much these days).

Your head is trying to travel up or down, it being a 'y' error. Do you get a variety of 'home' position options on your driver? Try changing it to 'without home' if you do. Or something that leaves the head where it is, anyway. It sounds like your head is trying to return to the normal home position and the rotary software isn't letting it.