View Full Version : Acrylic Plaque Advice

Gregg Vaughn
11-16-2007, 11:14 AM
I have an order for a few 11 x 13 acrylic plaques with a 6 x 8 engraveable area that is black. The plaques I bought for the job are from JDS (CPQ9SBK). These plaques are designed to be engraved from the back and they include a self-adhesive fixture for the rear that serves both as a hanging platform and a white background for the engraving.

If anyone has experience with these plaques and can offer power/speed settings or other advice for working with them I would welcome your wisdom! I have worked with acrylic, but never painted acrylic.

Mike Null
11-16-2007, 5:52 PM
My machine is a Trotec 45 watt. I use 100p at 76 inches per second and 500dpi.

While the power for the machines is similar the raster speed is not. At 76 ips mine is at 40% speed. You need to calculate your ips to use this setting.