View Full Version : New type sign

Mike Null
11-14-2007, 9:55 AM
Was in new medical building yesterday and noticed a new, to me, sign used at every office. It appeared to be about 8" x 6" with an arched top and radiused edges piece of nicely finished wood in a cherry look. (it may have been simulated) But what was interesting were the numbers and the names. The numbers were made of black 1/32" vinyl such as Rowmark ADA and the names were vinyl but cut with a vinyl cutter and stuck on.

Very nice looking sign and not expensive.

Another I saw a while back in an office bldg. was a 9"x9' chrome plate with black vinyl letters. These looked so good I was sure they were etched and filled until one day I took a close look.

Vinyl is remarkable.

Joe Pelonio
11-14-2007, 12:04 PM
I do something similar in some office building. The room number always stays the same but tenants change, so we peel the name and replace it, keeping the cost down from having to replace the whole sign every time.

On some of them I apply the brushed chrome mylar to the black ADA before
cutting on the laser, nice effect with the black edges. We don't do wood for them though, just black 1/4" acrylic on these.