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leon buber
11-09-2007, 2:02 PM
hi all
does anybody knows about good source to learn laser basics(net or printed)?
other problem - when engraving BMP image from Corel 9 laser engrave right line of the text box (will apear along the whole image) - any soloution?
we use 60W unknown chinees laser engraver,lasercut software, corel 9,Photoshop 5
thank's for help

Mike Null
11-09-2007, 3:09 PM

Welcome to SMC. If you can post an image of what you're describing we might be able to help.

Since I'm just guessing, try using the shape tool (second down on the left tool bar) and select the bitmap. You should see a dotted line rectangle with a small dark box in each corner. With the shape tool highlight both boxes on the right (if that's where the problem is) and move them in closer to the drawing. If it is a line from the drawing you're trying to remove that should do it, but you should be able to tell whethre you've removed it or not.

If this isn't the problem please try to describe it more fully or add a picture and somebody will have an answer for you.

leon buber
11-15-2007, 12:23 PM
dear Mike
it seems to be a problem with specific computer.
we changed computers and suddenly the mistirius line apeared.
i hope now we will get better results.

Stephen Beckham
11-15-2007, 6:54 PM

I've found that importing BMP files in the past has added a extra line. The best I can figure is the way the file is created, it is an unseen edge in most cases - I've had to zoom in pretty far to notice them.

When I bring them in now (because of need, not choice) I edit the photo and use my eraser to check the size edges to make sure there in a extra line of very thin dots...

... Just thought about it after posting - I've also had the same problem a couple times when I rotated the picture from its original origin... Just a thought...

Sandra Force
11-15-2007, 7:41 PM
Not knowing how basic of help you need limits us. Here is some advice that will help you.

Make a up a notebook with operating guidelines. Each time you run a new material write down in the book the speed, power and dpi that worked best. If you use air assist what psi. If you are cutting wood remember that you need to keep track of type of wood (mdf core, solid hardwood, plywood), species of wood, and thickness. If you can color set speed and power on vector lines write down what materials each color works best for. (I cut luan, filon and acrylic mirror at the same setting for speed and power and only change air psi). Remember if you are set up somewhere that the temperature and humidity change it will affect your equipment.

Keep notes on not only what does work, but what does not and why you think it doesn't.

Remember to check your materials if you are not sure what they are made from for toxic fumes and PVCs. One will make you sick and the other will not only make you sick but mess up your equipment.

The biggest and best piece of advice that I can give you is to experiment and have fun with it. I still play with new ideas and test new ways of doing things when I run across interesting ideas or materials. The reason that I run lasers is because it is interesting, challanging, maddening, fun and fulfilling. So go out and enjoy your new toy.