View Full Version : NO PARKING font?

Scott Shepherd
11-09-2007, 9:47 AM
I do some specialty No Parking signs, where they have customer names, etc. on them. Not so much the standard stuff, but all custom copy so the font is something I think looks good for that copy. I was asked if I could add "1 HOUR LIMIT" to some existing No Parking signs that are store bought from one of the large sign supply companies like peachtree. I looked at it I can't seem to match the text people use on those signs.

Any idea what that tall, fat, bold font is that everyone seems to use on No Parking signs? They look like they all have reduced spacing between letters and words.

Joe Pelonio
11-09-2007, 10:15 AM
The standard used to be "Highway Gothic", and sometimes people would use Franklin Gothic Condensed as a substitute. The new standard for traffic signs that recently came out is "Clearview." Also, you are right, the letter spacing is increased from normal.

Bill Cunningham
12-09-2007, 1:54 PM
Scan it in, overlay the bit image with something close, then use the handles in the software to stretch/adjust the text to match the bit map.. Then just delete back to the first letter, and type in the new text then delete the first letter (it was only there to keep the reformatted layout intact.. Now, if you save that string you can use it again and again to match other words.. This is what I do when I get a non serif font thats a bit out of the ordinary as far as 'squat' or stretch is concerned..