View Full Version : Blackout Directory Strip Source

Scott Shepherd
11-06-2007, 8:58 AM
I'm looking for suppliers of Blackout Directory Strips. I run across various jobs that use them and I'm running into more and more weird sizes that aren't offered by my current supplier. The size issue is one of height, not width. I know you can buy the uncut strips and cut to any length, but that doesn't help me on height. So I'm looking for other vendors who may have been the original source for the ones I can't seem to match up.

I'm currently using namestrips.com (Nelson-Harkins owned). I know you can make your own, and I have done so, but it's way cheaper to buy the blanks for $3 than cut two pieces, glue them together, and paint black on the edges.

Joe Pelonio
11-06-2007, 9:07 AM
I ran into a case where some extruded aluminum outdoor directory strips needed replacing due to theft. What I did, that might work for you, is to take off a few until I found one with an old sticker on the back from the manufacturer. I contacted them and sure enough, they were still in business so I ordered them up.

Scott Shepherd
11-06-2007, 9:20 AM
Yeah, tried that Joe, I have taken the entire guts out of the thing just to see if anything in the cabinet might be marked, and came up with nothing.

The strips have a 1/2 tongue and groove system, and apparently some people measure the actual visible space and some measure the overall dimension. So 1/2" of visible space is 1/16" off the 1/2" overall that others measure.

bruce cain
11-06-2007, 11:43 AM
I'm not familiar with blackout strips. Is that like the reverse lasermark plastic made by Rowmark?