View Full Version : Laser cut gears

Martin Reynolds
11-05-2007, 8:16 PM
I've been playing around with laser cut gears, with surprisingly good results. This project was about mounting a rotative reflector inside a pinball light about an inch high and wide.


I have some problems with the site movies, but the top YouTube one is best.

For the really small gear, I need to tweak the geometry a bit but the cutting is pretty good on the larger one.

Frank Corker
11-06-2007, 4:48 AM
Your biggest problem that I can see there is too much heat playing an active part in both the cutting of the gear and also the speed and wear of the acrylic. The larger gear seems to be pretty robust but the small one is your problem, delrin is probably the hardest stuff to use when doing something like this but I've never tried out anything like you have there, perhaps less cogs would help you a lot. Looks good though.