View Full Version : Best Order to do this?

Scott Shepherd
10-24-2007, 10:46 AM
I've been asked to quote a job that was obviously made with a vacuum process or photopolymer process. It's plastic with all the raised letters made into it. They aren't happy with the delivery, so they want to know if I can make it.

It's several colors with each color being on a different level. For instance, it's 1/8" thick, that being white, then there's a raised shape that's blue that's up 1/16" and then inside of that raised shape, there's another rasied shape, up another 1/16" that's cream color.

The cream one would be similiar to a braille/ADA type of raised pictogram.

So I'm trying to figure out the best method. Paint the acrylic and then raster out the place for the pictogram and glue the pictogram in it? Would lasering through the paint cause the paint to be prone to peeling up around that area over time?

It's in a high traffic environment and last thing I want is a bunch of great looking signs at install and then 6 months from now all the paint is worn off and chipping.

Any good ideas on an angle I hadn't thought of?

Joe Pelonio
10-24-2007, 12:16 PM
I'd paint, apply transfer tape and cut.

In order to put it together, merely cut every shape again using card stock (templates).

Lay those down one at a time and apply the next piece in the opening, it will be a perfect alignment each time. For this sort of thing you can apply a laminating film like 3m 468MP ahead of time and cut through it too, or just apply a couple of strips of banner tape to the backs after cutting. Either way it should hold fine. If you prefer to use acrylic cement, just be careful not to let it run out and mess up the lower piece. Even if you wipe it off quickly it will leave a blemish.