View Full Version : 1/16 colored plexi

Dave West
10-22-2007, 8:08 PM
Anyone have a supplier? I can only find 1/8 thick and larger. Will be cut so extruded is fine.


bruce cain
10-24-2007, 9:55 AM
Can you use two ply such as that made by Rowmark? Its not Plexi.


James Rambo
10-24-2007, 4:38 PM
Delvies Plastics

Dave West
10-24-2007, 6:25 PM
I looked at Delvies and a few others, but could only find transparent colors (I wanted opaque) in that thickness. I finally ordered from Sloans Woodshop. It'll have to do.


Mike Null
10-25-2007, 7:25 AM
I don't know if this will work for you but you can get reverse engravable 1/16" material made by IPI.

Niklas Bjornestal
10-27-2007, 4:02 PM
You migth be able to use Rowmarks ADA series. (http://www.rowmark.com/laser/ADA/ADA_Alternative.asp)