View Full Version : Looking for Brown SignABond

Scott Shepherd
10-22-2007, 4:04 PM
I forget the other names for it, dibond maybe? I'm looking for a company that makes it in brown. Signabond doesn't appear to do it. I'm looking for a dark brown. If I can find the name of someone who makes it,then I can start tracking down a supplier, but all I have samples for is signabond.

3MM thick.

Thanks in advance!

Joe Pelonio
10-22-2007, 10:12 PM
Alpolic makes it if you can find a supplier. The problem is they have a minimum 2000 sheet order, so only the biggest suppliers want to mess with the colors.

Alucobond doesn't make brown, I have not seen brown Dibond. My regular supplier is now selling Alucobest, made in China, and stock it only in white.

Scott Shepherd
10-23-2007, 11:10 AM
Thanks Joe, I'll look and see if I can find someone who carries that. The sample I have is brown on one side, silver on the other. Not brushed silver, just silver.

I have searched and searched the internet for it. I see it mentioned in a few links, but when I click those links, it doesn't seem to be listed anywhere.

I only need 1 sheet, so I'll probably just end up buying the white and painting it as much as I don't want to do that. The sample I have was made locally, so apparently someone has it or makes it. Just can't find out who.

Joe Pelonio
10-23-2007, 11:39 AM
If you are cutting it up, just sheet it with vinyl. I once did a whole 4x8 for UPS and sheeted it with brown vinyl but that can be tricky.

Doug Bergstrom
10-23-2007, 12:06 PM
Try alliancemetals.com they make a royal browna dn and autumn brown