View Full Version : Tranferring an AutoCad sketch to Corel for Rotary Cutting

John Pickett
10-21-2007, 1:20 PM
I am converting an Autocad drawing (dwg) into Corel for my cut line using my rotary attachment.

How do I align the end point of my Autocad line to correspond to the Y-axis in Corel?

If my AutoCad line is .785" long and my Corel work space axis is .785" deep how do I fit my line into the Corel workspace? Is there a Corel command I can align the AutoCad curve perfectly to fit within the Corel workspace?

If the line does not fit perfectly, then I am not getting a 360 degree cut.

I basically cutting a 1/4" urethane tube with an stainless steel mandrel inside. Same kind of cut similar if you ask the metal shop to chop cut a piece of steel pipe but I'm cutting around the circumference of the tube and not through it like a chop cut would.

Phil Sanders
10-21-2007, 1:58 PM
Darn good question.

A CAD program is where accuracy is built in from the ground up. Same with CAM programs.

CorelDraw, and other Vector Graphics applications, are all about image and artistic flare.

I hope someone has an answer.


Richard Rumancik
10-21-2007, 4:39 PM
Not sure I understand by the term workspace in this context - do you mean that you have defined a CorelDraw paper size of .785" high for your image height to equal the circumference? I haven't used a rotary fixture so don't know how you set up the origin and paper size etc. But perhaps the "alignment" commands are what you are looking for. If so, group everything you are inserting, then click Arrange -> Align and Distribute ->Align and distribute, then chose your options (center, left, <align to:> edge of page etc.) For example, you can insert an image at vertical center, left edge and then later nudge it over the exact amount to the right for your cutoff length.

These commands are for Corel 11; not sure if identical in X3.

Anothe option is to click on the object to be aligned, then look in the top left corner for the x and y boxes that show the location of this object's midpoint. You can manually change these numbers to the exact location you want. The numbers you want will depend on where you have placed the page origin (0,0) and in which direction the positive axis is set.