View Full Version : Lights and mirrors

Darren Null
10-18-2007, 7:18 PM
I'm still plagued with banding...it seems to come and go. The original image was a silhouetty photo (taken at dusk) of the El Santo rock in Almuņecar. Erased most of the sky; added a funky clipart banner and put the lettering in; Etchtoned the lot and burned from CorelDraw. My new cunning technique for getting reasonable quality and detail on glass is sizing the image to the size I want at 150dpi and burn at 300dpi. Works for me so far.
Just as an experiment, I tried a photoshop 'chrome/metallic look' filter before etchtoning and burning. It didn't work (would have been great if it had). On the subject of filters, a woodgrain filter and a bit of bevelling effect can give an excellent 3D look to flat wood. I've used it with success making a frame that looks 3D out of cheap flat veneer.
There is a glitch in this one- It was a long piece dangling out of the machine and the masking tape holding it in place gave up half way through the burn. I had a loyal minion (kids are expensive, but worth it!) hold it there until I got a camera tripod under there for the remainder of the burn.
I'm calling this one 'Darren goes mental with clipart and fonts'. Quite pleased with the way it turned out.