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John Keeton
10-18-2007, 7:05 PM
Hello! My wife and I recently watched a laser engraver in action and caught the bug. Not only am I new to this forum, but have never participated in a blog/forum. Please be patient with me! Happened upon the Creek by accident and the information available here is phenomenal. I don't have much to contribute yet except to donate. But as time goes on, hope to be an active participant. We are in the education phase and hope to purchase in the early spring. Thanks to all who contribute and share some wonderful ideas!!

Craig Hogarth
10-18-2007, 7:12 PM
Welcome John. Like you, I started visiting this site before I bought my laser and it continues to be a great educational tool.

If you're looking to buy in spring, you may want to consider checking out the ARA convention in Las Vegas in February. Someone suggested this to me and I'm happy I did as I got mine for about 7k below retail. It helps that all the major players are there and price quotes are compared and cut all the time.

John Keeton
10-18-2007, 7:16 PM

Thanks! My wife and I own a business that we are probably going to wind down by the end of the year and free up some time. Vegas would make a great winter getaway. As I am absolutely new to this, is there a website or other link that I can go to for more info?

Craig Hogarth
10-18-2007, 7:53 PM

Awards and Recognition Association. www.ARA.org

John Keeton
10-18-2007, 8:04 PM
Thanks! I will check it out - did you leave any of your machine cost savings in the casinos?