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Richard Wolf
10-14-2007, 9:25 PM
I know, I know, this is like the question, How long is a string? How fast is the Shopbot Alpha? If someone could give me an idea how fast it will crave a 6" by 24" sign that says "welcome".



Bob Reda
10-15-2007, 9:12 AM

If you mean a sign like this=about 45 minutes. Used vcarve pro, 3.5 inch high letters and used the whole board. My machine is set to 100 inches per minute. I think an alpha can go faster.

these letters are carved in . If you want to make the letters proud and pocket out around the letters, it will take longer.


Keith Outten
10-15-2007, 1:52 PM
From the ShopBot web site;

ShopBot PRSalpha Features

● Fast, closed-loop alphaStep Vexta motors - fitted with
low-backlash, tapered-hob gear heads - on all three
axes (two on the X axis) that monitor the motor shaft
to detect and correct any loss of synchronicity between
signal and motion

● Cutting speeds of up to 600 inches per minute
(depending on cutting bit and material) and rapid transit speeds of
1,500 inches per minute

● Step resolution of .0004"

● Positional accuracy of +/- .002"

The length of time it takes to machine any sign is relative to the design of the sign and how it is setup for machining, for instance v-carving text vs removing the background leaving the text raised. A simple v-carved welcome sign could be machined in about five minutes plus a couple minutes for cutting the perimeter. The time is also a factor that is relative to the make and model of the machine you are using, the bit selected, type of material and of course physical size.

Small Corian door size signs (6" by 8") take about 3 minutes to v-carve the text and 90 seconds to cut the perimeter if that helps. I don't document the time on many projects other then door signs so I can't provide any specific details. Many of my signs are made using both the ShopBot and my laser engraver combined in the same job.