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James Meagher
10-11-2007, 12:27 PM
Can someone help me here, I only have a few hours left on this project and can't get the logo to Turn into just black and white.

Any help would be appreciated.

Roger Harper
10-11-2007, 12:31 PM
Looks black and white allready??

Joe Pelonio
10-11-2007, 12:47 PM
It's currently grayscale. Changing it to b&W will not help you for engraving. All it does is change the lighter gray area to a lower frequency of black pixels. In order to use this to engrave you will have to trace to vector, clean up, and then fill the appropriate areas with black. A lot of work on an image with gradation like this one.

Darren Null
10-11-2007, 1:56 PM
You couldn't have a worse graphic. Your best bet would be to redo it without the gradient in corel. Here it is in only black and white, but it's not deeply impressive:

James Meagher
10-11-2007, 2:28 PM
Ya it would have to be alot crispier than that, I have to do sdomething else with it I guess

Darren Null
10-11-2007, 2:55 PM
It'll come out smoother if you have a really big version. Black-to-white gradients are not for lasering, I'm afraid. The only way I can see of getting it to look professional is to reconstruct it in vector format; but you'd have to lose the gradients. The way I'd do it is to import it into corel, whop the brightness on it up, to fade/ghostify it; and then draw an new one over the top. I'm pretty sure that no 'trace image' routine will do it. Might save you some time and leave you with less to redraw though...
The above is using an advanced-ish dithering method (andromeda etchtone) to fake the greyscale, but that's pretty well what you're going to get with the size image you posted.

EDIT... or get in touch with the punters and ask them if they have another image, preferably already in vector, or without the gradient...either would help.

David L Shaw
10-11-2007, 3:31 PM
Had a few free moments and needed to play in Corel since it is new to me. Came up with this.

Revised on 10-12-2007

Frank Corker
10-11-2007, 6:43 PM
James, the best I could do in a short time

Bill Cunningham
10-11-2007, 9:46 PM
A grayscale with a gradient can be processed in photograve
here it is in the size provided for 150/300 or 600 dpi engraving into wood (the cherry setting does everything) But if you change the size of this file, it will go all to helllll0 :)

Tom Henry
10-11-2007, 10:19 PM
I can do it for you but you have to give me a highres file and an email that I can email it to you. I did it to the file on this site and it kept all the details if 13 megs is ok.

Mike DeRegnaucourt
10-11-2007, 10:23 PM
Hi Frank,

Excellent job for only a short time with the logo. If you don't mind, could you share the technique/steps you used to accomplish your results?

Frank Corker
10-12-2007, 4:41 AM
Mike, I took the photo that James posted originally. As all the reflective distortion is in the outer edge I removed it and effectively cut out the middle circle. I then removed all the background made the grey remaining either black or white then I imported it into Corel and used the 'trace'.

I imported the original picture 'as it was' and sent it to the back of the page. I then resized the new trace until it overlapped the one on the original. Using trial and error I made two circles the same size as the outer edge of the coin and the outer edge of the trace. I made each circle 12mm thickness and clicked on resize with image.

Next another hairline circle on the baseline of the writing. It's just a matter of finding a text that would match the original one, and then put the text on the hairline circle. The same for the writing going downwards. Hide the hairline with 'None'. Make to little circles for the bullet points.

Highlighted all and grouped. Removed the original picture and then resized it to the size in the attachment. To be honest it depends on what it is going to be engraved on and what size it needs to be done, the one I did at the size I left it at a 'blind man on a galloping horse' would be glad to see the difference from the original.

I really do need to get a life don't I?


James Meagher
10-12-2007, 6:50 PM
I have downloaded the 2 CDR files but when I open them nothing is there, what am I doing wrong

Mike DeRegnaucourt
10-12-2007, 7:13 PM
Hi Frank,

Thanks for the info! Still impressed with the results you were able to achieve in such a short time. I tried various methods in Corel and was not having as successful an outcome as you did. Keep up the great work!

Frank Corker
10-12-2007, 8:34 PM
James as I said in your email - Corel versions are not all compatible so let us know which you are using. Here is the file in all versions plus the eps