View Full Version : Looking for 9-ply MDO...I think.

Tim Morton
10-07-2007, 8:25 AM
Hi guys, I am new to signshop work, as i come from a graphics/inkjet background. Well I need to cut out some letters about 1' high to mount on the exterior of a building at a ski resort. The client saw a scrap of some 1/2" 9=ply MDO laying around the shop and chose that. It will be painted and need to last for years. I cannot find a supplier that carries this product. Can you point me to one, or recommend a different substrate. I need to also cut out about 20 1'x3' blanks to be painted as well. So cost is sheet is somewhat of and issue as I will need about 5 sheets total to do both jobs. BTW I will be cutting the letters on a CNC router.

Joe Pelonio
10-07-2007, 9:32 AM
I use the 1/2" MDO for signs all the time, and get it from a sign supply in Seattle, pre-primed both sides for $45/sheet. No local Borgs have it, but the better lumberyards usually carry it unprimed, smooth on only one side and that should cost less.