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Scott Shepherd
10-04-2007, 2:36 PM
We have a Xenetech rotary engraving machine (XOT 13x13) and it's got a load of files on it all stored in .xot formats (I think that's what it was). Any ideas on how to get the mass of them in useable files for the laser? It's too many to open each one and "export as .eps".

I haven't tried opening one in Corel yet, as the machine has no USB ports or CD-RW. It only has a CD-ROM and 3 1/2" disc, but my new computer doesn't have a drive to read that. I'll work that out later, but was just curious is anyone knew if you can import them into Corel or any other way to get that mass of files into our library?

I rarely access them, but from time to time, I'll pull one up to get a font size off of, or some spacing information.

Joe Pelonio
10-04-2007, 3:02 PM
Many of the manufacturers of equipment such as rotary engravers use a proprietary format for their files. I have the same problem with jobs created on my plotter design software. It allows exporting as .eps, .ai etc. but no other program can import them and I'm sure the same applies to XOT. You could try importing to Corel using the "all file formats" filter but I doubt it will work. More likely you'll be stuck exporting them from Xenetech one at a time.

Without drive compatibility you might try e-mailing the files to yourself if you have e-mail on both machines. Also, CDRWs are cheap, you can easily replace that CD-ROM with one but make sure you get one compatible with the operating system on that computer if it's an old one. There are also USB cards available.

Scott Shepherd
10-04-2007, 3:16 PM
Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of Joe. It's not connected to the internet and is running Windows 95 (yeah, thanks for that Xenetech, can't upgrade the computer system without upgrading the control unit at a cost of $6000).

Upgrading that computer so it'll do anything is probably going to be tough. Maybe not, who knows?

I've probably used the files on it three times in a year, and that was all just to save some time. I guess worst case is I just forget they exist and move on.

Joe Pelonio
10-04-2007, 4:53 PM
95 is hard, 98 would be easier to find hardware for. is there a Fry's Electronics near you?

They are the best source for oddball hardware. If nothing else they have 3.5" floppy drives for about $15, if your newer PC has an empty bay.

Sometimes moving on is best. When I upgraded to the latest version of software for my plotter I lost 8 years worth of files. It's not that bad.

Aleta Allen
10-04-2007, 7:27 PM
Yes, .xot are Xenetech files. I use them along with other file types on my xenetech laser. I don't know anyting about rotary files.


Scott Shepherd
10-04-2007, 7:32 PM
No Fry's around here. We're thinking of selling the rotary machine and wanted to have access to the files just in case.

Kelly Bingham
10-05-2007, 1:56 AM
You may be able to laser directly from the Xenetech software. We have Xenetech and an Epilog laser and I laser from Xenetech all the time. Works great!!

Keith Outten
10-05-2007, 7:58 AM
Xenetech has their new Viper software (free download) that is supposed to work on all their current machines, the catch is that it only runs on Vista.

I would guess they have no intention of fixing their current driver software bug since I haven't heard anything from them in months. December will be a year we have had our Xenetech XLT1325 and I am still contending with the printing bug :(

I expect the new Viper software will provide the ability to use all of your files between various machines but I don't know this for a fact.


Scott Shepherd
10-05-2007, 8:32 AM
Kelly, that won't work because the Universal Laser we have runs off of job control software that's run from the computer. Without that, it won't work. So there's no way to "print" from the Windows 95 machine and get it into the Job Control software that runs the Universal on the other machine. The new Universal's work a little different than the normal "Print driver" setup that's commonly used by some manufacturers.

Keith, that will fix the problem, however, that's the $6,000 upgrade. Viper is 32 bit, what we have is 16 bit. The 32 bit won't run on what we have, so there's a huge upgrade path just to get it to that point. If I recall correctly, we have to buy the 32 bit software as well as the Viper system.

I haven't run a single job on it since the laser came through the door, so it's hardly worth the $6000 to update it.

Kelly Bingham
10-05-2007, 10:50 PM
Keith - Viper software is not exclusive to vista. What printing bug are you dealing with??

Roy Brewer
10-09-2007, 6:57 PM
Xenetech has their new Viper software (free download) that is supposed to work on all their current machines, the catch is that it only runs on Vista....
I expect the new Viper software will provide the ability to use all of your files between various machines but I don't know this for a fact..


To clarify,the VCS (Viper Control System) upgrade that is about to be released will run on any 32bit system (not just Vista). Actually, a few small Vista "issues" is what has been holding up the release. It is an upgrade only for Viper hardware owners. Scott is right, he'd still need to upgrade to Viper hardware before being able to take advantage of VCS.

Scott Shepherd
11-08-2007, 2:41 PM
Finally got around to getting a USB 3 1/2" floopy so I can get the old files into my newer computer.

Did my first one, opened up an XOT file in Xenetech, it was simple text, and I exported it as an EPS file. It gave me no output options, so I just saved it and took it over to X3.

The photo below is what the result was. Anyone know what's causing this craziness? It was simple, smooth text that I just input and cut last week on the Xenetech.

It also came over super tiny. These letters were 3/8" tall in Xenetech and came over about .080".

Any ideas?

Tony Lenkic
11-08-2007, 4:46 PM

This is what I get by using copy (Xenetech) and paste (Corel)

Scott Shepherd
11-08-2007, 5:43 PM
Tony, I don't have that option. The Xenetech files are on a Windows 95 machine, and my Corel is on a new computer. The new computer won't take the Xenetech control parts without a Xenetech update that's $$$$$$, and the old machine won't run Corel (X3), since it's so old.

I've bought a external floppy drive to be able to get some files off the old machine into Corel, so I can use them for reference with the laser or vinyl plotter.

Roy Brewer
11-09-2007, 12:28 AM

Install XGW on your new computer. It will have a 21 day trial where you can do anything you want/need. With that installed, copy/paste as suggested by Tony will be the best solution. I think that even after the 21 day trial you can still open a file (yes, from an older system) and copy into clipboard. All this assumes you have no unlocks left on the Xenetech support database.

Let me know if you need me to send you an installation CD.

Scott Shepherd
11-09-2007, 9:30 AM
Either one of you know why it does this? Why is the exported EPS file not a clean, useable file?

Cutting and pasting isn't what I'm trying to capture. I have years of signs that my father did in that software, and now, I'm doing work for the same customers and a lot of time I need to know the spacing he used. Cutting and pasting will just dump it until free space in Corel, which removes all the data I needed to get. Did I say that right? Also, there's a font he used a lot called Gothic 97 which I can't seem to replicate with anything out there. I've tried whatthefont.com and other sites and I can't match it close enough. So I'd like to be able to create some Gothic 97 text on there and pull it into the laser.

Right now, I just fire the old machine up and find the file and pull dimensions off of it. I'd much rather being able to get those files open in Corel. It's years of files all on a very old machine with no eps backup.

I'd like to, over time, when I have free moments, to pull files off and save them so they aren't lost forever.

Roy Brewer
11-10-2007, 1:37 AM
Either one of you know why it does this? Why is the exported EPS file not a clean, useable file? Steve,
Yes I know why, but it would do no good to explain it. Between the two of us, Tony & I have a few decades of using the Xenetech software and for most of that time exchanging files with CorelDRAW.
So while we know copy/paste is the best solution, if you want alternatives, then the best would be .WMF &/or PLT. Both of those formats import seamlessly(well that may be a stretch) into CorelDRAW.
On the other hand, if your objective is to get those files into CorelDRAW with their text still editable, its not going to happen.


Scott Shepherd
11-10-2007, 1:11 PM
Thanks Roy, I appreciate both of you guys input.

I wasn't hoping to get editable text into Corel. Here's the situation, I have several office directories that have 100's of names in them, all done on the Xenetech. Well, I can't match the font (Gothic 97, which is wayyyy different than any Gothic font I can locate), so it's causing me problems in trying to add new strips made on the laser, as they don't match the 100's that are already there.

My hope was to be able to do the text in Xenetech's software, export it to Corel as eps (or anything else) and curves, and go from there. I did try the wmf yesterday and that was better, but still all screwed up.

I guess I was dreaming to think getting anything out of the Xenetech would be anything other than a pain. That's why we don't own a Xenetech laser.

I do appreciate your input, thanks for the help.

Tony Lenkic
11-10-2007, 7:26 PM

One solution to your problem might be solved by removing your hard drive from old computer and installing it on new one or if compatabillity is issue have computer geek transfer data (complete Xenetech directory with files) to your new system. Once you have access to previously saved work files on new computer where you have Corel installed than copy/paste will work for you.
As for Gothic97 font, there was something I did not like about it so I reinstalled old gothic so my files would not be affected with whatever difference was between to fonts. If I remember correctly kerning may have been the issue.

Scott Shepherd
11-19-2007, 10:22 AM
Thanks guys, I finally got around to installing the Xenetech software on my newer PC used for the laser. I am able to do just as you guys said, to cut and paste from there into Corel.

Hopefully after the 21 day trial period, I'll still be able to do that as suggested by Roy. If that works then I do think this problem will be resolved, as I can bring all the files over, open then in Xenetech to get spacing and layout information and then cut and paste if it's something I can't match.

One problem I have had in the past is that the rotary leaves round corners on letters and the laser puts in square corners, but in messing with this, I found the tool for making the line ends and intersections rounded, which makes the work on the laser look just like rotary. Now I can happily match those old rotary done signs!

Thanks for all the help, it's greatly appreciated.

Tony Lenkic
11-19-2007, 12:56 PM

Now that you have XGW software on your new computer your you are in good shape. :)
Trial period of 21 days effects the drawing tools unless Xenetech has made a changed that to disable all of the software. It used to be that basic functions will work after 21 days trial but drawing tools would be gone till registration is obtained.

To get rounded look on text here is what you do.
1. Select all - F6
2. On the left side at the bottom check "Cutter Size D" and enter as if you will us cutter to engrave.
3. Under "Line/Group" change from "Thin Line" to "Normal Line"

Now you will have rounded text that will laser as such.
One more thing you can do is change your text in Xenetech to true type fonts if you wish by selecting all lines than press ALT + F12 and your windows font folder will open and you can pick the one you like. Now you can Copy/Paste to Corel.

Scott, another option you have is to laser your files from Xenetech software and there is no need to bring your files into Corel at all. I do that all the time with control panel layouts where it is simpler to setup with Xenetech than Corel. My suggestion to you is if you are registred user of Xenetech software to call them and get your registration for your new computer so you can use the software on it in full capacity.