View Full Version : Vector fill not interpreted as cuts?

Chris Sander
10-03-2007, 12:54 AM

I'm trying to create a vector fill in CorelDraw (X3) that will be interpreted by the Epilog print driver as vector cuts, but the only fill type that seems to do this is Postscript fill. I want to use pattern fill so I can use my own custom pattern in another cdr file that contains vector graphics.

What I did was create the pattern using vector lines in one cdr file. Then I created a new cdr with a simple vector box that I then pattern filled by importing this other cdr (I used a full color pattern fill to do this). It imports fine, and it appears as though the vectors are preserved in the fill, but when I go to cut none of the pattern gets cut, only the box.

I then tried some of the sample postscript fills, and those fills were properly interpreted as cuts.

What I want to do is create vector engravings that cut only partially through the material using a custom color fill with lower power, while the outline is the default black line that cuts out the shape at full power. My patterns are simple, so vector cut is much faster than waiting for a raster engraving of the same pattern.

I'm open to other ways of doing this. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Doug Griffith
10-03-2007, 11:42 AM
I'm not sure about Corel, but in Illustrator you use the "Expand" command. It converts patterns, brush strokes, placed eps, and other objects into editable artwork. A work around before this command was to save as a legacy version and then reopen the file. There may be a similar command in Corel.


Stephen Beckham
10-03-2007, 6:54 PM
Chris - we talked about this the other day - some say it does, others say it doesn't save time.

I know I did it the hard way - but I made my original design. Used a contour to bring one vector line inside the other. I then used color mapping while printing. I made the inner line red and set the power and speed opposite of the normal black cutting line. It will cut all the red first and then do the black.

If the red is set at 100/10 - you'll get a buzzing sound with a light discoloration - then the black at 15/100, it will do the larger outlines to cut out the shape.

I wish I had done the letters the same way on the attached photo - it was longer Raster'ing the text than it was cutting the shapes twice.