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Mark Koenig
10-02-2007, 1:57 PM
Thank God I bought Duel Heads!!! Just got an order for 1000 wooden business coins!!! :eek:

And that is only the start from this advertising company...:)

Does anyone have any tips or fixtures for this kind of volume??? They are 2 inches in diameter engraved on both sides... I have some ideas but was looking for some shortcuts if anyone cares to share...

They even have an old grain mill being converted to a shopping center that needs all of the signs and displays made for the vendors... They also do promotional work in several other states...

Geez... Now that caught me by surprise...;)

Bruce Volden
10-02-2007, 2:14 PM

Depending on your bed size~you can cut out 2" circles from scrap? acrylic sheet and use this as the template for the "coins". This will ascertain positioning for them:cool:


Nancy Laird
10-02-2007, 3:01 PM
Mark, a tip I picked up just yesterday from another forum for two-sided engraving. Raster AND vector the pieces, then without moving the leftover throwaway sheet, remove the pieces and turn them over and put them in the same spots. Then you can raster the other side and won't have registration problems, like you'll have if you try to raster one side, then raster and vector the other side (AMHIKT!!!). Of course, you're probably going to have to tape the back while your vectoring because of smoke/burn from the vectoring. Also, tape down your material so the newly-made grid doesn't move when you remove and turn over the cut-out pieces.

Nancy (80 days)

Mark Koenig
10-02-2007, 4:10 PM
I was thinking of rastering the first side and then flipping it over and raster/vector cutting the other side... Guess I would have to cut the entire perimeter of the blank to make everything line up perfectly... You know how picky the human eye can be to irregularities... Mine included :eek: ...

I also like the idea of creating pockets with a .025 thousands oblong shape (I added the shape thing from a great suggestion from Bruce) on the diameter to index the coins to the correct orientation... They will only fit in one way with the slight dimensional interference that they will never see...:cool:

The latter seems more idiot proof but will take more time to insert the coins... The previous method would be much quicker but could loose the advantage on sCrap...

Did some testing on the Duel Head today... Cut my run time down 35% from the single head using the large table!!!

This is the first time I needed to hook it up and was very happy...:)

Anyone have any experience with large quaintities??? Please post!!!