View Full Version : Canvas 10 instead of Corel?

Bob & Elaine Robinson
10-01-2007, 5:36 PM
I will be getting my ULS laser next month (a 50w 360) and was wondering if anyone out there has used Canvas 10 instead of Corel Draw. I have been a user of Canvas since it's inception, primarily on a Mac. I currently run version 10 on my Mac and the Windows version of 10 on an old notebook PC with XP.

While I was testing out lasers , I used EPS saves of my Canvas files. Those folks who tested my files on their lasers would open the Canvas EPS files in Corel (or Autocad) and then run them through the driver.

If I have this right, I understand that any (windows) graphics program can be used with the ULS drivers. As the notebook PC is old, fragile and temperamental, I will be installing the windows version of 10 on my Intel (Core2) Mac running Windows XP pro (sp2) under Bootcamp. This will be what I will using for the laser.

Any thoughts or recommendations?


Mike Mackenzie
10-01-2007, 7:15 PM
Hi Bob,

We used Canvas in the early days on the ULS so I don't see any problem with that we have not tested the newest version though.

I would also recommend to use parallels rather than boot camp. When using boot camp it wants to reboot the system every time you switch if you load parallels you can switch back and forth without re-booting.

Bob & Elaine Robinson
10-02-2007, 6:39 PM
Hi Mike, I've talked to several windows on Mac users, and, having tried both systems, can understand your recommendation.

I'll actually be using both. Since parallels is memory hungry, I'll be using it on my desktop Macpro, which will have a hefty amount of ram (5G). Also, in that environment (design to press, so to speak) I'll have the need to switch back and forth between systems.

I'm putting Bootcamp + windows on my Macbook Pro, which I'll carry to the shop on lasering (production) days. In that capacity, when I am in windows, it will be the only OS I'll be working in. Given the expense of memory above 2g, that seem to be the most economical solution.


Mike Null
10-02-2007, 8:02 PM

I just checked out your web site. Fabulous stuff.

Welcome to SMC.