View Full Version : CMT 6 piece Sommerfeld Cabinetmaking set

Jimmy Seckel
09-30-2007, 1:00 AM
I did a search but couldn't really find the info I was looking for. The CMT set is on sale at Amazon for 174 dollars but after browsing Sommerfelds sight it seems he has made some changes to the 6 piece set he now sells under his own name and they seem desirable changes just from looking at the profiles the drawer and door edge bits seem more pleasing but he wants 249 for the set.

Does anyone here have experience with either of these sets? It's hard to determine what the final product will look like just from looking at the profiles of the bits so I'm really not sure what to do here but i'm leaning toward the CMT set due to the huge discount. Just don't want to spend the extra money if I won't be happy in the end with the extra 2 profile bits in the CMT set.

Any advice or opinions to help me decide would be much appreciated.


Edit: This is the Ogee profile that is on sale at Amazon and the Sommerfeld is Cove profile not sure which I would prefer.

keith ouellette
09-30-2007, 8:53 AM
I saw some people from Sommerfields giving a demo on how to make cabinet doors about three years ago at a wood working show. They used all cmt bits and the cuts looked grea (Or maybe it was people from cmt useing sommerfiels bits). as to the profile I like the look of ogee but think cove would be easier to use (less complicated profile).

David Weaver
09-30-2007, 8:59 AM
Hopefully, someone will chime in here. Not that long ago, CMT was dropped for most (or all) of the Sommerfeld's own bits, and production moved to China. Same materials, supposedly, just different manufacture location. There were some folks on here who had some trouble with some of the joinery bits, but they'll get them ironed out, I would think.

I guess CMT was probably dropped because of the strength of the Euro.

keith ouellette
09-30-2007, 9:33 AM
I bought some edge forming bits that I know must have beed made in china because of the price. The worked with no problem but thats an edge not a joint. I picked up a cabnet set from Harbour frieght real cheap but haven't used it yet.

Jimmy Seckel
09-30-2007, 5:42 PM
I went ahead and ordered the CMT set, this morning Amazon had the Dewalt palm/sheet sander in my gold box for 37.00 which I had been contemplating buying for awhile to get into those corners that my ROS can't reach. Was too good a deal to pass up on the sander and then believe it or not the sander even with the discount qualified for the 45% off on the 6 piece CMT set so I get both for 188 shipped. So 151 dollars for the CMT 6 piece set was too good to pass up and they are on thier way should be here Friday even though I probably won't use them for a few months LOL

I will probably still order the Tongue and Groove set from Sommerfeld though as I understand now that it is fixed it is a great set and a great system for building cabinets unless anyone suggests differently?

I am still curious about the quality of Sommerfeld bits though as well if anyone is using them and has any advice to offer as to wether to pursue the CMT sets that are the same as Sommerfelds or to just buy the cheaper sets from Sommerfeld would be much appreciated!


Fred Voorhees
09-30-2007, 8:04 PM
I've got a few sets of CMT bits and they are pretty much what I use exclusively. I have no regrets.

Dennis Montgomery
09-30-2007, 8:41 PM
I have used the Sommerfeld tongue and groove cabinet making set for face frames for a couple of years. This set is worth every penny. I also suggest buying their cabinet making DVD that shows how to make uppers and lowers with these bits. Its one of the best instructional videos on cabinet making that I have seen. Of course, you need their bits....

Rick Fouts
09-30-2007, 10:58 PM
I have been dealing with Sommerfeld's for quite a long time. All the way back when he was with Kreg. Anyway, I have several of his new bit's, set's and individual bit's, and haven't had any problem's with them. I have the new kitchen cabinet set with the new profiles and I like them better than the old set with CMT. I hope this help's for future reference.