View Full Version : Wanted: plans for kid's "captain's bed" w/ storage and bookcase

Dave MacArthur
09-29-2007, 9:56 PM
I am surprised to find no kid's beds plans in here--I figured that was a common task folks did.

I am looking for any pointers or links folks may have for a twin size bed for 4 year old boys. I can certainly design something, but it would be without any basis in previously making a bed, and I'd probably make some mistakes... hoping to avoid that!

My design thoughts were a base that sits on casters, with storage drawers that pull out. It would support a twin mattress, without a box spring so it would be a platform. I had thought a headboard/bookcase would be nice. I've been unable to find anything close on the web.

Any inputs or comments on such things as
1. is this a decent plan idea for boys?
2. What kind of joints/knockdown would you recommend?
3. pictures of alternate ideas

would be hugely appreciated!
Thanks, Dave

-------DOH! Embarrassed, I just found another forum "Design Forum" and when I searched it, found some posts/threads with beds. Reading now...

Bill Wiggins
01-16-2008, 11:32 PM
My first woodworking project was a "Mate's Bed" for my grandson. I got the plans from Knotty Plans:

Mate's Bed

When he gets older, I'll probably build the bookcase headboard.

Randy Klein
01-17-2008, 6:45 AM
3. pictures of alternate ideas

Here is part 1 of 2 (http://www.sawmillcreek.org/showthread.php?t=68898) for bunk beds / separate twin beds for my two boys. The plans I got from Rockler, but I modified them to fit my tools. I think I explain it in the thread.