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03-03-2003, 3:24 PM

On a whim, I bought a Winchester 3205 to sit on a desk with a Sargent 3215 and few other planes. The more I look at it though, it seems a shame to just leave it sitting there, and I'd like to clean it up and put it back in use. The tote is cracked and I'd like to buy a replacement.

It appears to be the same size as a Stanley #4, it's 2 3/8"W x 9"L (10" if you count the bump for the handle). It has a Winchester Lever Cap and a Sargent No. 409 2" iron, and a low mushroom knob. I seem to remember that the 4 digit Winchesters were made by Sargent, is the 3205 the same as a 409?

I've been looking for a web site with info on Winchester planes, without much success. :( Any info on the 3205 or Winchesters in general would be appreciated.


Dennis McDonaugh
03-05-2003, 10:20 AM
Here's some links you might want to try. I believe that Winchester tools were made by Sargent and are pretty good users.