View Full Version : ULS data base question

George Elston
09-22-2007, 3:26 PM
Well it's Saturday afternoon and tech support is closed but I bet somebody here knows the answer. The data base (job list) for my versa laser is getting full and it kind of slows things down. I would like to clear the list but not purge it. That is, can't I just rename the job list file (question where is the file and what is it's name), so I could load it back later.

I see two files in the ULSdb directory, ULS_cust.fdb and ULS_std.fdb that I suspect are the ones, but thought I would ask first.


Mike Mackenzie
09-22-2007, 4:31 PM

Here is what you do.

Create a folder on the hard disk (right click on C:drive) (Click NEW) (Click Folder) Name it what you want.

Open your VCP and click on the folder now select a job and click save as and navigate to the folder you created and then click ok.

This will allow you to save the jobs you want and then you can purge the rest.

They should be saved as a .emf file if you go to explorer and search for .emf you might have some files already saved. However they won't save until you select them and do a save as.