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James & Zelma Litzmann
09-19-2007, 4:09 PM
Hey everyone, just wanted to post a picture of a job we just completed. It's about the biggest mirror we've done. Any constructive criticism is appreciated.

God Bless,
James & Zelma (Psalms 18:2)


Mike Null
09-19-2007, 4:12 PM

Very professional. I hope you have a sample for your shop.

Did you do the frame as well?

Frank Corker
09-19-2007, 4:20 PM
You have to stop doing this sort of thing immediately. It's driving us out of business. Stunning job, how big, did you use photograv, how long did it take, what were your settings?

Michael Kowalczyk
09-19-2007, 4:37 PM
Wow!!! Very nice indeed. It looks like it is over 32" wide. I can only go 16 x 29+- in a single pass. How long did it take? I would guess close to an hour. Thanks for sharing.

James & Zelma Litzmann
09-19-2007, 4:45 PM
Thanks for all the wonderful comments. Sorry, I forgot to include the details.

The mirror in this picture is 36 inches X 18 inches, the frame was furnished by the customer. It took approx 1 hour 45 minutes., we did use Photograv, we ran it at 50 Speed and 100 Power.

Judith Halliday
09-19-2007, 8:05 PM

Haven't worked with glass or mirrors. Our best work is on wood. That is stunning.


Bruce Volden
09-19-2007, 8:23 PM
J & Z

You've come a long way BABIE'S!! That looks totally professional. I am assuming that the customer was ecstatic??? May your business ventures continue to prosper.


Ross Lowry
09-19-2007, 9:54 PM
That is truely a fine piece of work.
I used to do a lot of mirrors with my Epilog and I have to admit for once I can't tell what is the reflective areas. If I was to guess I would think it is the dark areas? It looks just like a black and white photo.
Very professional I might add.
Excellent job guys!
What machine do you guys own?

James & Zelma Litzmann
09-19-2007, 10:09 PM
Thank you for the nice comments. We really have come a long way!

We have a LaserPro Explorer 60 watt. The reflective areas are the white areas, not the dark. If I understand what you are asking.

Ross Lowry
09-19-2007, 10:34 PM
Yes you understood correctly.
On the mirrors I had done, everything was engraved from the backside and what was white is what was engraved.
I only do wood products now due to my laser tube getting to low.
To say the least I am very dissapointed with that, started noticing a power loss at around 14 months of owning the machine.
Anyhow fantastic job you guys have done.
Colossians 3:23

rick woodward
09-20-2007, 2:54 AM
James & Zelma
That is truly stunning ! I also like the frame, did you do that too ? Very classy work there. I have strong interest in the laserpro 60 watt. But i was quoted $6500 for a laser tube replacement. I dont have a price on the pinnacle tube. I assume it would be the same. Pass through is a feature i do want. But, $6500 is staggering. I am interested in Universal as well, tube replacement being primary. I do believe Universal is a good machine. But wish it had pass through front to back. I've gotten literature from Universal from two dealers, but no samples. Laserpro sent samples right off and they were beautiful. Have you done much with black marble ? If so, could you post pics?
James & Zelma , Thanks for posting this pic, very inspiring. rick

Mike Null
09-20-2007, 6:42 AM

I'm sensing that your engraving world has turned around 180 degrees in the past year.

I forgot to add my thanks for posting your work.


Keith Outten
09-20-2007, 6:50 AM
I assume you sprayed the back of the mirror with black paint after engraving. Are the results any different based on the type of paint (flat vs glossy)?


James & Zelma Litzmann
09-20-2007, 9:04 AM
Rick - No we did not do the frame (we wish), the customer supplied the frame. When we first start with our laser . . . let's just say we started with a 50 watt but we now have a 60 watt, we love it.

Mike - Our engraving has definitely turned around. We still are so unsure about what we are doing but we are trying to listen and being gently guided and just pray that we stay on right path. Our Christian Coffee Shop has yet to come to life, as we are waiting on a plumber, we have the perfect location now, downtown on the square. The quotes we have gotten from the plumbers. . . we cannot afford. It will happen if it is meant to be, but in His time, not ours, and it is so hard to let go of the control and remember it is not up to you or should I say us.

Keith - Yes, and I believe the results are different, we use gloss, to give it just a tad of shine.

You guys and gals are still a wonderful group of people, ya'll make us want to get out of Texas long enough to meet some of you.

God Bless,
James & Zelma (Psalms 18:2)

Phyllis Meyer
09-20-2007, 9:21 AM
Dear James and Zelma,

WOW! Excellent work! I remember some things we spoke about when you first joined the forum...you definately have come a long way! Your contributions to this forum are such as asset for all of us!

Those plumbers you speak about...is there anything you can do for them with the laser? When we were working on our building (and it still is a work in progress), we found many different ways to pay for the furnace, electrical wiring, help with drywall...without paying out big $$$. We obtain cherry logs, sawmill work, and many other things in exchange for engravings. Starting out in a business is about finding creative ways to succeed.

Your mirror has inspired so many thoughts of marketing... My mind is just spinning with ideas. I will share them when I can write more. I have a huge project due tomorrow but I can't seem to "get with it" because I'm thinking about James and Zelma's mirror:)!

Have a great day, and remember Phil. 4:13!!

Scott Shepherd
09-20-2007, 9:23 AM
Thanks for sharing that, it is truly outstanding! I honestly had no idea that you could do that level of work on a mirror.

Thanks so much for sharing it!

Stephen Beckham
09-20-2007, 10:14 AM
You guys - that's awesome. The only drawback is like Frank said - you're making us look like the new guys to this business (wait - I am...) :)

So how did you get the photo? Was it smaller and you blew it up to size? Did you have to scan it from original? How much did you charge (PM me or ignore if you don't want to divulge - I'm cool with no response - just curious)?

The more I see stuff like this - I know my laser is not big enough.... :mad:

You guys are off to a great start - I hope I can follow in your path!


James & Zelma Litzmann
09-20-2007, 10:39 AM
We were given an electronic copy of the photo, it was actually several pictures pieced together. As for as price . . . lets just say when you are fishing sometime you throw bait out. It has already paid for itself, but for future sales, I am not sure. Anyone have any suggestions?

Sean De Gazon
09-20-2007, 11:00 AM
Hello folks I must say that when I see beautiful works of art such as this it is very inspiring and I can rest assured that I made the right decision to get into this industry. I don't own a laser just yet but it's going to be here before the end of November. I would also like to mention the fact that your Togetherness and Team Spirit must certainly be a huge factor to the success and strength of your Business. I admire those attributes and am glad that my wife and I for the most part share a common desire to do something that we both love. That is to say, being creative in unique ways and getting paid for it. What more can you ask for? Continue to build on your rock solid foundation and be blessed.
Too blessed to be stressed.

Thinus Rabie
09-20-2007, 11:31 AM
WOW ...Amazing piece of work !!! Well done to both of you!!

Scott Perry
09-20-2007, 11:55 AM
Hey James and Zelm, I live in Texas...do you guys give lessons?
Nice work. I have some pictures that would look great that way. I just haven't had much success, yet.

Mitchell Andrus
09-20-2007, 12:15 PM
Very nice!!

Stephen Beckham
09-20-2007, 4:14 PM
Well - the future sales idea?!!?!?

That's what I was thinking. A nice piece like this donated to the court house of the old court house with your name as the Created and Donated By XYZ might encourage others to call you or visit you.

Keep a smaller one in your store so if someone walks in they say "that's the one I saw at the court house..."

Other options would be the "old church" or the "old school" or "Leo's Barber shop" or any building at the university/college (with their permission - they SUE for copyright violations) that others might desire. Especially in a smaller version that might be taken right off the floor - even if it was a demo model being displayed. Any other building or scene that might be considered something that would be "commissioned."

There's a market - the University commissioning 25 for their fund raiser. If you can sell it to them for $65-$100 when they can sell it to an Alumni for $250-$300... You'll have to offer right up front a disclosure agreement that you won't sell to anyone except them - even after the number is reached.

Brian Robison
09-21-2007, 8:12 AM
Very very nice work! I do acrylic mirrors a lot but not glass. The examples I've tried I could seem to laser through the silver backing. Any ideas?

James & Zelma Litzmann
09-21-2007, 8:41 AM
Sean - Thank you for the comment about our togetherness and Team Spirit, together we make a whole.

Scott - as far as your question "...do you guys give lessons?" we were not sure you were serious, we still think of ourselves as the newboots, we have only been playing with this for what will be two years in December. We love to help where we can.

The people that see our photographs on mirrors seem to consider it a "work of art" (?) and are willing to pay a high dollar for it. We do get a little tried of being told we are too low. So if any of you have any suggestions on pricing please feel free to tell us.

Thanks again everyone for all you help, if it were for you . . . we would not be here today!

God Bless,
James & Zelma (Psalms 18:2)

Scott Perry
09-21-2007, 9:18 AM
Yes, I was serious. I haven't had your kind of success with photograve. But I am going to give it a shot this weekend - again. If you do give lessons, dont worry I speak Texan ;-)

James & Zelma Litzmann
09-23-2007, 10:31 PM
Scott, how did it go this weekend? Hope you were sucessful and will post pictures.

Bill Cunningham
09-23-2007, 10:57 PM
Mirror is fun to work with, you can get some pretty good effects..
The first two here, have blue metallic foil backing the pictures

The third was a piece of glass spray painted black on the back, and reverse engraved


Scott Perry
09-24-2007, 11:26 AM
James & Zelma
I didn't get a chance to try this weekend. I have a good picture of the North Bridge in Concorde I want to try and I am still looking for it too.

Tom Cullen
09-25-2007, 8:37 PM
Great job, looks fantastic! I just recently bought a box of mirrors from Home Depot 12x12 , but on my 30watt Explorer it takes two passes to get the backing to burn off ( 30 speed 100 power). It looks like some sort of sprayed on epoxy or such? I was just wondering if anyone has ever used these? where would most people get their mirrors? Hope some one can clue me in. Again guy's , inspiring work.


Bill Cunningham
09-25-2007, 10:29 PM
Most of the mirror I get around here requires two passes to get through the backing, and the power required changes with every different mirror source I try.. James & Zelma mirror turned out really nice.. I wonder, did you get through the backing in 1 pass, or did it take two?

Frank Corker
09-26-2007, 5:15 AM
Tom, what you have is safety mirror, it's a lot thicker. Engraving mirrors, the thinner/cheaper better the result

James & Zelma Litzmann
09-27-2007, 12:54 PM
We have ran across the mirrors with a gold backing underneath the silver, those take more power. We have used the 12 X 12 from Home Depot but the 12 X 12s from Wal-Mart are easier to go through. We can tell as soon as we start if they are the ones we hate, the ones that'll take two passes, we normally only have to do one pass. Now we get most of our mirrors cut for us at the glass shop here in town, but that's not how we started, we started with the ones from Wal-Mart or the Dollar Store.

Scott, let us know if we can help.

Scott Perry
09-28-2007, 9:13 PM
James & Zelma
I plan to give it a try this weekend. I will let you know how I do.

Kyle Laird
09-28-2007, 9:35 PM
Very nice and very professional looking.