View Full Version : Paying the insurance for shipping a laser

Scott Shepherd
09-18-2007, 8:12 PM
Nothing earth shattering here and probably obvious to those who pay attention in class, but that wasn't me. When getting our new laser shipped, the shipping company wanted $170 or something like that for shipping insurance. Didn't make sense to me. Since when can a trucking company drop your machine off the loading dock, break it into bits and they aren't responsible for it? That's a news flash to me.

However, we contacted several places about it and all said that they did have insurance, and it would be to the rate of $1 per pound or something stupid like that, meaning on your new laser, if they dropped it off the truck and destroyed it, they'd owe you a whopping couple of hundred bucks and you'd be screwed.

That still didn't seem right to me, so I contacted my business insurance company and found out that it's part of our policy. So if we bought a machine, had it shipped and it was damaged, it would be covered under our policy. I assume it's standard in all policies since we didn't ask for anything additional when we got the insurance. They also said they could raise the limit for that for a premium as well.

So before you blow that money on shipping insurance, make a few phone calls and you might find out you can skip the shipping insurance and save yourself a couple of hundred bucks.

Or, if you don't have it covered on your business, then perhaps you should look into it, as it's cheap to add it.

Just a little something I found out and meant to share earlier.

Hope this saves someone some cash. If it does, please split it with me :)

Mike Mackenzie
09-18-2007, 8:46 PM

Most if not all trucking companies do not have a clue what is packaged inside that crate. That is why most will only insure by the weight.

I always tell my customers to decline the insurance and be sure to inspect the crate or packaging before you sign for it if one of the sensors are tripped you will be able to see it as well if there is a huge hole in the crate. At that time either refuse the shipment or have the driver call his manager and note the damage to the packaging.

We have had thousands of systems shipped and never had a problem with the shipping company.

So I agree check with your insurance company to see if that coverage is there chance are you will save some money.

The shipping company is just wanting to make some extra money. Believe me they treat the crate the same way whether it is insured or not.

Richard Rumancik
09-19-2007, 4:41 PM
When I got my laser shipped several years ago they said the standard payout in case of loss was $2.00/lb Canadian. Either way it is next to nothing. I was able to get a rider on my business insurance for $25,000 shipping insurance for $25. Contact your insurance company for a quote first before buying insurance from the trucking company. Best to get everything in writing.