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Robert Murray
09-17-2007, 9:29 PM
I just got my Accuris 16 Watt system today.
Thanks to the last 50 pages of forums I was
able to quickly make a few items with out any
major problems.

I was a little worried about the system after reading
of a few problems here. But the system seems
to be working well so far anyway. I did test engravings
in all four corners with the same look and cut depth in
all four corners.

Only problem I have had is when I sent a 12x12inch
file to engraving into marble. the first time the tracking
seem to have jumped about an inch. So i tried to clean
all the tracks and wheels. turn around the marble and
tried again same thing. I tried three times and every time
with a large file 12inch wide the carriage would jump over
about an inch. I might try the once good side of the
marble I have left at slower speed but it bugs me I cant
go full speed. So i will be calling tech support in the morning.

Anyway wanted to say Hi and thanks for the help many of you
have already been and look forward to picking your brains!



Phyllis Meyer
09-18-2007, 8:38 AM
Hi Robert,

Welcome to the forum, congratulations on your laser, and good luck with your new venture!


Gary Shoemake
09-18-2007, 12:16 PM
In the graphics program that you are using is the home position of the page set at 0,0 ? i know that when I first started using my laser it was an item that I learned the hard way ( many practice pieces) :rolleyes: