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Darren Null
09-15-2007, 7:02 PM
Frank Corker's Etchtone (photoshop plugin) method works excellently. I used the method on an image I've been playing with for a while; stitched together from 30+ 10 megapixel images. The full thing:
This rendition is (badly) made up of 4 different photos, downsized so it doesn't explode your browsers. The full thing is 20cm high by 2.4m wide, and was done on cheap plywood, just to test the technique...possibly I'll repeat the image on proper materials.
Here's a bit of detail (above and to the right of the first lamp post on the left):

The photos really don't do it justice- the real thing has a wow factor that I can't get over on the interweb- even if it was just a test. The source image is here (http://cambs.com/etch/salobrena.jpg), but don't just click on the link- it's 4.67Mb and more than 28,000 pixels wide, so will probably blow up your browser. Save it to disk and look at it with a proper program, is my advice.

Frank Corker
09-15-2007, 8:31 PM
I'm glad it's working for you Darren, that is one big file to be manouvering around. The detail from what you posted looks very clear, you can see Mickey Mouse very clear. Just kidding, it's good quality.

Darren Null
09-15-2007, 9:22 PM
Mickey Mouse. Snpfffh. I should have burned it harder for better contrast really, but it took 2hrs as it was.

Thanks for finding that plugin.