View Full Version : Odd Corel X3 line activity

Scott Shepherd
09-05-2007, 12:07 PM
I had Corel V12 for several months and I did a number of things that I use all the time. I have several things that the size is the same, only the text changes. Some of it is 10" x 12", meaning I just drew two vector lines 10" apart for the length of the material.

It worked fine. I used the Control Key to make sure the lines were straight. Other items were already cut to width, so I just drew a straight line to cut to length per order.

I've noticed that when I open these files in X3, the lines that were straight lines, are now crooked lines. In cases where the lines were 12" long, the lines are always .020" out, meaning the X dimension for the top and bottom are .020" different. I just pulled up a small, 1" wide part that is cut to length and it's out .007" from top to bottom.

I always just delete the lines and start over, no big deal, but today it's got me wondering what it the world is happening and if it's avoidable. I have also opened up the same file in V12 and the lines are all perfectly straight.

Am I missing something?