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Glenn Corser
09-03-2007, 11:13 PM
I have a 60 watt ULS V-460 that has worked flawlessly for the last 3 years. Whent making things out of wood I usually do vector markings in black, internal cutting in red, and outline cutting in green/yellow. I think the tube is starting to go because I'm having trouble cutting 1/8" baltic birch. In an effort to get some stuff done I simply have been repeating the red and green/yellow cuts but have run into a new issue; my paths aren't always closing, especially when I rotate/mirror a complicated object. I'm a little confused because it doesn't happen all the time or in one place on the table. Has anyone had trouble with their positioning HW/SW and if so, what were the symptoms? Also, has anyone had a tube just kind of lose power gradually and not fail catastrophically? Thanks in advance.

Bob Cole
09-04-2007, 2:00 AM
I noticed on one of my files that the cut didn't close exactly where it should. I was going to try and delete and recreate that part of the file thinking it is something in the software.

I open another file with more intricate cuts and it cuts flawlessly. Not sure if this is normal but have read several posts where odd things happen and the fix is to start over with the file. Could be some kind of bug in Corel or the driver.

Frank Corker
09-04-2007, 5:54 AM
Glenn, I'd do a few more tests if I were you, wood can sometimes be of a different density. Lens cleaning?

Richard Rumancik
09-04-2007, 5:06 PM
Are you using a new supply of plywood or is it something you have cut before? The glue used between laminations can cause considerable variability in the energy needed to cut. If it is your "old stock" then this can't be it . . .

Check your belt tensions to see if a belt is loose. A loose belt could cause some slop in the positioning system that could cause a shape to not close properly when cut.

Joe Pelonio
09-04-2007, 5:42 PM
The first one that I had die was an electronics problem with the tube that caused it to cut sporadically like that, skipping parts of line here and there, but there was no loss of power. What it did cut it cut fine.

The second one just got weaker and weaker until it wouldn't cut through 1/16" acrylic.

Glenn Corser
09-04-2007, 9:29 PM
I don't think the wood is it. I get a very good quality baltic birch at a local specialty lumber yard and have never had any trouble with it. I've gradually been slowing down and have felt like the tube was going. I'm thinking about sucking it up and renting the laserbits tester to see how bad things are. What I'm more worried about is the motion system. I have some complicated picture frames that I cut and now there are parts of them not aligning. What makes me nervous about this is that I have ungrouped the designs to run the outline to make the cut and then regrouped them - while they look right on the screen the possibility of a Corel malfunction is always in the back of my mind.

Mike Null
09-04-2007, 9:54 PM
ULS used to loan the tester. They would invoice you for it and cancel the invoice when you returned it.

Mike Null
09-04-2007, 9:54 PM
ULS used to loan the tester. They would invoice you for it and cancel the invoice when you returned it.

I'd give them a call before renting one.

Mike Mackenzie
09-11-2007, 5:46 PM

I am not sure if you got this corrected or not yet. I have been out of my office for the last week.

Anyway try to check and see if the X axis arm is square turn off the system and pull the arm to the front of the system and make sure both left and right hand sides are the same. (no noticeable gap from the left to right side).

If this is OK then check to see if the drive gears are tight also on the Y axis. This issue sounds like it is related to the Y axis. If both of these are OK then you might have some belt wear in the Y axis. I would contact Robert at engravers network to see what it would take to get a service call.

Glenn Corser
09-11-2007, 9:38 PM
I think it was my mishandling of Corel. It is moot at this point because on Saturday the tube died. I've been talking/e-mailing Darryl Morton and I'm hoping to have a new tube in the mail tomorrow. I like ULS a lot but I sure wish they would have a "Hold" option for their tech support. Going back and forth through e-mail and hoping to catch your tech when you call is a little frustrating. I have reattached all nodes on the trouble piece and when I get a new tube I will test it out. I think in all the ungrouping, regrouping, rerunning, etc, I did something that Corel didn't like.

Mike Mackenzie
09-12-2007, 12:32 PM

You are welcomed to contact us if you need to talk to someone.