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Cliff Rohrabacher
08-30-2007, 1:35 PM
On a lighter note:

Last week the Missus and I took the grand daughters to a local 4-H fair. It was the first day & in the middle of the week so things were fairly nice. The girls had a ball touching every single animal they saw. Cows bulls pigs chickens llamas, al-packas, horses you name it there was a representative class of critter there and the kids were all encouraged to fondle ‘em.

There was a pig race. They ran several classes of pig. The little porkers could really run too. Funny as hell.

All the kids showing off their animals were superlative people. Nice. polite, cordial, they all bent over backwards to make sure the little kids got to see and talk about the animals. Those 4-H kids were the best.

There was a dedicated petting zoo ( baby & very young animals) where the little people could go and feed the critters. My youngest went in not quite knowing what to expect but bravely following her big sister whereupon she was accosted by a little baby goat that wanted to be fed. Poor baby let out a wail. Up on Grampy’s shoulders she went where she got a better ( safer) view. That’s where she spent the rest of t fair. When asked she was perfectly happy up on top with this fat head in the way. I’d bend down and let her pet the cows pigs goats you name it. About three or so hours of animals animals animals we trundled two exhausted happy little girls to the car and back to our home to bedybye. They are still telling their parents how much fun they had.

I am thinking of donating to 4-H it was that positive an experience.

Jim Becker
08-30-2007, 7:21 PM
I was in 4-H (horses) when I was a child and may enroll at least one daughter in the program for that since she really enjoyed horse camp all summer. 4-H is generally a good program for kids, works for either gender and promotes skills and knowledge that could be valuable life-long for many.

K. L. McReynolds
09-02-2007, 4:30 PM
LOML and I spent 20 years working with our county 4-H horse project and our sons participated in that and other projects. We had a Horse Drill Team---founded by the 4-H kids in the 70's, of which I was fortunate to be able to be the leader for about ten years. Had 56 kids and horses for a couple years.

4-H is self directed---the child does how much they want and they have the choice of over a hundred projects---and can invent their own if needed. Cooking, small engines, rocketry, and photography are examples---besides the usual livestock and other farming related projects.

I saw more kids gain more self confidence in a short time working with horses than any other single activity. I have lots of examples.

I heartily recommend kids getting involved in 4-H.