View Full Version : Shipping and Distribution

Mike Leonard
01-25-2004, 7:33 AM
As some of you may know I have volunteered to help Keith and Jackie coordinate shipping and distribution. I have contacted the local USO and they are supportive and told me they will help with getting the pens where they need to go. I have also contacted my command Chaplain who was very supportive as well. He has sent an e-mail with information on the Freedom Pen Program to another Chaplain at the Corps level in theater. For those of you that may not know, Corps is pretty high on the food chain. Hopefully, this will get the Freedom Pen Program some exposure at the upper echelons.

Chaplains try to get out in the field every day and meet soldiers. This may be a good way to ensure distribution to servicemembers in remote areas. The USO has a wide distribution pipeline. They put together individual care packages with candy bars, toothpaste and other personal items for servicemembers. They can drop a pen in the package before it goes out. The local chapter here sends out hundreds of these monthly to the Middle East.

This week I am going to contact the Red Cross and see what assistance they can provide.

At this point, I believe these methods to be the best way to ensure Freedom Pens get where they need to go.

This program is just a little over a week old, and all though we have come a million miles, there are still some logistics that need to be ironed out. Hopefully, I will have a clearer picture by weeks end.

Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated.