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Leo Voisine
08-09-2007, 6:28 PM
OK, you're all gonna get downright sick of my questions, but I am not bashful - and I will continue to ask them.

Still on plastic laminate.

Yesterday I make a sige on 1/16 plastic laminate. Romark value matte. The sign was 8" x 24"

It's pretty flexable stuff.

I put 3 rows of 1/2 double sided tape lengthwise on the back and stuck the laminate down to MDF. I then router the letters. The face of the letters is not smooth. The laminate flexed and moved causing the 1/16 end mill to dig in some places. This is obviously not a great way to hold something flexable.

I do not have a vacuum table.

What options do I have to hold something like a large piece (8"x24") of flexable laminate in place so I can engrave it?

Need pics???

Joe Pelonio
08-09-2007, 10:41 PM
double side tape doesn't stick well to mdf. Try a sacrificial piece of acrylic or polycarbonate, even sheet steel.

glenn bradley
08-09-2007, 11:42 PM
Very thin stuff:


If you seal your MDF with shellac or spray poly the tape will stick better (the stuff in the link sticks anyway) . . . paint even works.

Mike Ross
08-10-2007, 10:50 AM
Hi Leo,
I have had the same issue when using strips of tape under flexible material. Concluded I need to tape the entire back, not strips. Strips of tape change the thickness enough to make a difference. Or make a small vacuum jig.
Mike Ross

Wil Lambert
08-10-2007, 8:53 PM
It also could be your type of cutter. If you are using an upshear 1/16" tool the material will pull up off the MDF and cause walking. Try using a single lip engraving cutter.


Leo Voisine
08-11-2007, 8:43 AM
To Mike and Will,

I am using a right hand helix end mill. Upcut in woodworking terms and yes it did look like the material pulled up. Could you explain a little more about the engraving bit you are refering to.

I thought about covering the entire back with tape, but man, that's a lot of expensive tape. 24" x 8"
Can you give me a little more info on a vacuum jig?

Wil Lambert
08-11-2007, 11:31 AM
Here is a link to a reseller of such bits. I am not associated with them nor have I purchased from them before but a lot of people on the ArtCAM for purchase from these people and rave about the service.