View Full Version : Where is everyone???

Jim O'Dell
07-31-2007, 4:42 PM
Don't think I've ever seen this few people on here at the Creek. When I started this note, there were only 7 of us, and 1 moderator. WOW!! Jim.

send the note and look again, and lo and behold, there are 352 of us! Must have been a computer glitch.

:o :o :o I was looking at the bottom of the off topic page.:o :o :o

Rob Bodenschatz
07-31-2007, 4:49 PM
Sorry Jim. I must have gone to the bathroom.

Joe Pelonio
07-31-2007, 4:57 PM
Back down to 12 members and 21 guests now. Must be too nice a day to be indoors. Actually I just got back from a little drive myself (delivery).

Randal Stevenson
07-31-2007, 4:59 PM
The sound of crickets chirpping........


07-31-2007, 5:07 PM
Either crickets chirping or toilets flushing. Not sure which!

Gary Keedwell
07-31-2007, 5:29 PM
Hey, I'm back.....did I miss anything?:rolleyes:

Gary K.

Gary Herrmann
07-31-2007, 5:54 PM
Uh, workin for the man?

When I get home, it'll be workin for the woman.

Steve Clardy
07-31-2007, 6:18 PM
I've actually been trying to get some work done. ;)

07-31-2007, 7:10 PM
Yeah right Steve. If you were you wouldn't be posting you were trying to get some work done. Nice try though.

Steve Clardy
07-31-2007, 7:37 PM
Yeah right Steve. If you were you wouldn't be posting you were trying to get some work done. Nice try though.

Lol. My office, computer is 6' away from my assembly bench.

I can't go too long without a fix ;)

Jim Becker
07-31-2007, 9:20 PM
Well...I was away from my computers for a good part of the day...and didn't have the chance to tune in via my mobile device. This time... ;)

Cliff Rohrabacher
08-01-2007, 9:34 AM
I am over there

John Schreiber
08-01-2007, 9:47 AM
Boy, I take a few days off and everyone leaves. :D

I'm back now. Go on about your business.

Ken Salisbury
08-01-2007, 2:05 PM
We all left to go to Sonic for a 99 rootbeer float :) .

Belinda Williamson
08-01-2007, 3:27 PM
I missed that bus, so I'm going now! Rootbeer float - yum!

Was busy this a.m. in a meeting with a designer. She has a client who would like to have countertops fabricated from petrified wood. Sample came in Friday and it is GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see if her client takes the bait. I would love to work this material! Sadly, even if the client bites, engineering on this project will probably shoot us down as this isn't a "proven" material for the application.

Nancy Laird
08-01-2007, 3:30 PM
I'm at work and was doing my "real" job to earn that nice paycheck I get twice a month. Unfortunately--or, depending on your point of view, fortunately--the paycheck stops in December. Whoopee!!!

Nancy (142 days)