View Full Version : Mastering Layout by Mike Stevens

Scott Shepherd
07-29-2007, 3:03 PM
Anyone else study this book at all? I've had it a month or so and have really learned a lot about layout. I haven't had many opportunities to put my newfound knowledge to use, as most everything I've done lately had to fit a predetermined format. I've seen a lot of sign makers swear by this book, so I picked it up. Not what I expected and not nearly as many examples,examples that were relative to things I'd do, but overall, some very good information exists in it about negative space, and spacing words, phrases, paragraphs properly from an eye appeal point of view.

It's written from the vantage point of a sign painter, as I believe Mike Stevens was, and he died not long after writing the book many years ago, so it's a long way from being current.

Just curious if anyone else had read it, studied it, etc.?