View Full Version : Great example of dye sublimation

Mike Hood
07-17-2007, 10:51 PM
Dye sublimation is another option:

Blanks can be had for around 65 cents (including chains)

I can sub at 9600 DPI and be under a buck each.

Mike Null
07-18-2007, 7:25 AM
I copied this post to this forum from the laser engraving forum because it is such a good example of dye sublimation.

I'm a little unsure of the conventions for making this copy so other moderators please feel free to edit as necessary.

Keith Outten
07-18-2007, 9:32 AM
Mike H,

I don't mean to steal your thunder, your dye-sub example is excellent. I thought I would jump in with another sample of dye-sub for everyone to evaluate.

Attached is a dye-sublimated piece of Corian I pressed yesterday. This one started out as a 5 meg digital picture so the quality is very high. The attached photograph doesn't do the piece justice, my photography skills are lacking but my ability to dye-sublimate Corian is getting much better :)

The picture is of a bronze statue that Christopher Newport University commissioned to be constructed for the University entrance. The actual statue is 24 feet tall, the dye-sub picture is 9" tall.

I didn't have any pure white Corian so I used Vanilla for this sample which is to be used for new building signs I am designing for CNU. The statue inlay will eventually be cut in a 11" diameter circle and installed in the large sign panel that will be CNC routed with gold V-Carved text.

I wish you could see the actual piece, it is almost as clear as any picture printed on Kodak paper. I took special pains with this one and I am sure it will be well received at CNU. I have been given permission to create one full size sign for the administration to evaluate. My design calls for a 3 by 4 foot panel with a colonial style shape hanging from a wrought iron scroll support off of a single white post. An 11 inch disk with this dye-sub statue will be at the top of the sign.

There will be plenty pics of the completed sign, but it will be awhile.


Mike Null
07-18-2007, 11:21 AM
Beautiful work.

Keith Outten
07-21-2007, 6:51 AM

Yesterday I finished the inlay sample cutting the 11" diameter disk and rounding the edge. It was submitted for review and I am awaiting the results. Meanwhile I hope to get a complete design done this weekend which will include the sign panel, post design and wrought Iron hanger. If this job moves forward there will be 41 building signs that are two sided so that means 82 dye-sub disk inlays.

I sure would like to find some time to try my hand at the more traditional dye-sub work like Mike Hood's work above. I need to order some substrate stock and just take the plunge I guess. Now that we have a smaller press we can try our hand at a couple T-Shirts :)