View Full Version : CorelDRAWPro sponsored events

Robert Alexander
07-11-2007, 7:05 PM
Hi everyone,
Have any of you done the Corel Draw one day seminars? And if so we they worth going to? I got an e-mail for a upcoming seminar that will be in my area in the next few months. And I do not know if it would be worth my time to go. Any input would be helpful.

Stephen Beckham
07-11-2007, 7:51 PM
Not sure by firsthand knowledge, but three others that I've met claimed that they were very satisfied and highly recommended. To include my sales-rep who expressed regret for not going sooner thinking it would be too elementary but was very surprised at the level of knowledge he gained.

Bill Cunningham
07-12-2007, 9:35 PM
Corel used to do, and maybe still do, introductory things at printing and graphic trade shows.. I got a free copy of CD8 along long time ago (when it was current) at one of these shows.. After a geewhizz demo of the product, and a question answer period, they picked a number from a drum, and whoever was in that seat (or closest to it) got Corel package for free, In my case, the seat was empty, and myself, and another fellow where on each side of it so we each got a free CD8 with all the manuals,disks,graphic books etc.. Well worth the 20 bucks I paid to get onto the display floor, and much better than the CD4 I was currently using:D