View Full Version : Joining nodes to close a curve - one method

Richard Rumancik
07-06-2007, 11:46 PM
Here's a procedure for closing shapes which might be useful to some members. I was reminded of it when Anthony asked another node editing question, and I was reading through some replies.

Suppose you have a shape comprised of a series of segments, arcs, curves etc and need to close it. Sometimes this situation may occur when importing a dxf file from AutoCAD or another program - you get a lot of disconnected entities. (It may look contiguous but isn't actually closed.) One way to close it is to combine the curves into one and then go around editing the common nodes to "join two nodes" into one. This can take a long time if you have many intersections. You can't fill the shape until every common node is joined.

If instead of this, you select the entities, click Arrange -> close path ->close path with straight lines, then it will fix (join) all the node pairs automatically.

If there was actually a break in the chain, it WOULD insert a short straight line to enable the path to be closed, and then join all adjacent nodes. But I generally use this when I know that the path is contiguous, but don't want the work of going around node-by-node, joining 2 nodes into one.

Maybe there is a different or better way to do this - I am talking about Corel 11 here. I know X3 has lots more tricks than 11. So if somebody else would approach this situation with a different command set I'd be interested.