View Full Version : Here's a challenge-need suggestions for designing a sign!

Pat Kearney
07-04-2007, 9:04 PM
In 3 weeks my son and I (as a leader) will be attending the Canadian Scouting Jamboree in Montreal, Quebec along with approx 6000 other Scouts from across Canada. The instructions that came in one of the newsletters suggested creating a sign that is to be attached to a board at the entrance of our sub-camp along with approx 100 others. The only guidelines they suggest are to have it 12"X12" (actually 30cm X 30cm using the metric system here in Canada:rolleyes: ), something weatherproof, use "fairly thin material", and make it stand out. So of course being the only person in our group to have a laser I was "volunteered" to make our group's sign.

Here's the challenge, I'm looking for suggestions from the group as to what you think might be the best design for a sign, maybe even combine materials. I was initially thinking of cutting and routing a piece of dark avonite (similar to corian) and engraving and spray painting in gold a design of our province along with our troops name and each kid & leaders name... But I figured why not throw it open to everyone at SMC who have a lot more experience than I and in the process have some fun with it. I have a fairly well equipped woodworking shop and have in stock some of the following materials: birch wood, clear acrylic, smoked acrylic, white acrylic, black avonite, white corian, several colors of Rowmark plastic, several colors of laser lites, and can probably come up with any other interesting material someone could suggest.
Anyone care to take a stab at it?



Joe Pelonio
07-04-2007, 9:42 PM
I've made a bunch of signs for a boy scout camp on the hood canal where my son worked summers as medic. A couple of times I made him signs for his camp cabin. The first time I took a piece of 1/4" oak and engraved out the background, leaving raised letters and border. He and his roomies then applied stain and clear.

Another time I vector cut the letters from 1/4" oak and they glued them onto a background piece of the same, and finished it. Wood seems to be a popular material choice for camps.

Other signs I've made for them are identifying signs, most for the health lodge, so they were white reflective vinyl on aluminum with vinyl lettering.

Just yesterday I shipped them some magnetic signs for the vehicles that are allowed in camp, again reflective background.