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Sam Gardner
07-03-2007, 3:33 AM
Anyone know of a way of having vertical text in Coreldraw X3? I have 200 numbers to print with print merge but hte numbers are supposed to be vertical and I've gone through all options in X3. It seems Illustrator does this easily. Thanks for any feedback

Shane Turner
07-03-2007, 4:03 AM
I'm sure there's an easier way than this. But here's what I've done to get a vertical type
1. Create your text as normal.
2. Rotate text clockwise 90 degrees
3. Select all the characters in your text, then go to the top menus and select: TEXT > CHARACTER FORMATING
4. Change Angle to 90 ( under Character Shift sub box )
5. Change Range Kerning to 100 ( or whatever you want that looks best for you font type )
6. Enjoy vertical type

This is Capitalised text using Corel X3

Sam Gardner
07-03-2007, 5:22 AM
Thanks Shane for the tip. This works well for vertical type but does not seem to work with print merge! Will keep on looking. Illustrator does it but has no print merge!

William Desrochers
07-04-2007, 10:49 PM
Here's a video I made for another forum on doing vertical text.

If the video is to big on your monitor, right click, and go 'Show All'


Roy Brewer
07-04-2007, 11:05 PM
Anyone know of a way of having vertical text in Coreldraw X3? Sam,
Admittedly not the most intuitive, but this is the way I do it in Corel.
1. Create a placeholder for your number (something like "xxx" will do fine).
2. Create a vertical line (~ twice the size of finished text)
3. Fit Text to Path: i.e., fit placeholder to vertical line
4. With Text to Path still selected change the Text Orientation to vertical (That's the last option in the leftmost pulldown on the FitTxt2Path Property bar).
5. You'll almost always need to use the Shape tool to put more space between the characters (B/R arrowhead) when doing vertical text. (This can be done before &/or after text has been fitted to path.)
6. Do your normal PrintMerge routine.

1. We're really turning CorelDRAW upside down and inside out to make this work. So don't be too alarmed if your selection handles look a little weird after going through these steps.
2. Depending on several settings (Horizontal Alignment=Center? and where you place the text on the vertical line to name a couple) you may need to nudge your compound object for proper position.
3. These steps assume you are familiar with PrintMerge, Shape Tool, Fit Text 2 Path and a few other things. Let me know if not clear.
4. For this to work, you must leave the vertical line for this so be sure to do whatever your brand laser requires to be sure it is not engraved
5. Darn it! I see William beat me.


Anthony Welch
07-05-2007, 1:44 AM
Thanks Roy. I've got dial-up and have gotten to where viewing videos on line is just not worth the time. Well, again it might be worth it, but it's so aggravating to sit here an wait.

Sam Gardner
07-06-2007, 2:00 AM
Thanks to Roy for the solution. I missed leaving the path active part. Unfortunately the solution came a bit late as I had to type out 196 numbers manually!! BTW I gave up waiting for the online video. Thanks again for all the help.