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Glenn Butler
06-30-2007, 12:57 PM
Hey gang,

I have a shop with a 50w Universal x660 (2.0 lens, 1.5 lens, HPDFO, Rotary, honeycomb, dual head) and have been started getting architects that want us to cut models for them.

The problem has been that when we import the DXF into corel and start cutting the laser vectors each line 21 times!

There are no extra layers, no hidden lines (that we can find).

Any ideas where to look to find the problem??

Neal Schlee
06-30-2007, 1:23 PM

I've also had this problem with Acad generated dxf's, here's the work around I use.

There are multiple lines stacked on top of each other.:cool:

First make sure they are ungrouped, then select a line/vector and hit "Control K" this will break apart the lines. The easy way to delete the unwanted lines and keep one is: select the top line and change it's color, then marquee select that stack of lines, holding down the shift key deselect the top line, watch the "number of items selected" at the bottom of the page, it should drop by one, then delete the rest of the selected lines. You should have the line you colored left. From here on you can combine and join vectors using Corels node editing. :)


Rodne Gold
06-30-2007, 9:31 PM
We do a ton of this , but Im not prepared to work on other folks Acad dwgs or DXF's straight off plan. We ask the ppl that want the models to make it simple for us.
Do it in plan view , in model space , all lines cut = red , all entities or lines to be engraved = black , all on layer 0
Provide 1cm x 1cm square in the drawing , marked as such , so we dont have scaling issues , No fancy line types , widths , styles etc.
Provide a jpeg copy of the article for reference.
If using ACAD , saveas ver 2000 or below.
We have an ACAD prototype drawing we send out to the clients so as to make applying all these settings easy
We generally use 1-3mm acrylic for these models and charge like this:
3x material cost and $2-3 a minute run time , if we havfe to amend your drawing to cut it , we charge a flat fee of $50.
Once you get working with a co , after a while you get it all right and it becomes a doddle.

Roy Brewer
07-01-2007, 10:56 PM
The problem has been that when we import the DXF into corel and start cutting the laser vectors each line 21 times! Glenn,
Do you know to check the Reduce Nodes box in the import dialog box when importing/opening aCAD files? Not always, but sometimes this alone will get rid of those pesky 21 times.

Ed Newbold
07-02-2007, 6:43 AM
When I experienced this problem with importing Autocad files, I took a different route. I had the designer export them from Autocad in a different format (svg I think). Then I imported this intermediate image into Corel and everything cut perfectly, with no duplicate lines.

Mike Mackenzie
07-02-2007, 12:35 PM

This is an autocad / Corel import issue that has been around forever. We have found that if you have the designer convert everything to polylines and then save or export the image as a autocad DXF version of R18 or earlier.

This has helped in some instances but not all.

The other thing to consider is to get autocad light and run the system directly.

And lastly someone wrote a macro that seemed to do what you are asking for it was call nodupes.

I have not tried it personally but I believe it was posted to this forum you may want to do a search for it and try that.

Kenneth Hertzog
07-02-2007, 1:56 PM

I had and have the same problem DXF does not like X3.
Epilog has a vector only driver for DXF files. I've done a lot of cad work
and Corel was a problem, when you import DXF it would do like you said and
cut A LOT of times. NOT Acceptable. Now If I need to raster and vector I raster in X3 and Vector with the DXF file driver. This has worked very well for
me. Does your company have a vector driver for the cad system